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tlr online
06-06-03, 23:03
Vancouver Island, just off of southwestern Canada’s British Columbia coast, is a beautiful place popular with both Canadians and Americans. Its natural beauty is one of its main draws, making it a popular destination for whale watching, white water rafting, caving, sailing, fishing, diving, and snorkeling. At the south tip of the island is the city of Victoria, British Columbia's capital. This city has been called Canada's answer to Seattle, and is a very popular tourist destination. The island sits at the center of this true-color Terra MODIS image.

To the northeast, the Coast Mountains are covered in snow, while beyond them is the Fraser Plateau. Separating Vancouver Island from Washington state is the Juan de Fuca Strait, named for a sailor that supposedly explored it for the Spanish in 1592. South of the island is Washington state. The Coast Mountains continue down the right edge of the image, all the way into California. The lone circle of snow-capped mountains in western Washington mark the Olympic Mountains, which include Mount Olympus and Olympic National Park. Due east of the park, on the eastern coast of Puget Sound, is Seattle. The state's largest city appears grayish against the deep green mountains. At the very bottom of the image is Oregon. Its largest city, Portland, is visible right on the border with Washington, and also appears gray against the green mountains. Dominating the southwestern portion of the image acquired on June 3, 2003, is the Pacific Ocean.


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