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tlr online
07-06-03, 00:13
Big Brother update. Especially for Draco. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Jon gets to stay at least one more week in the Big Brother house as Justine is voted out of the game show. The sales manager from Leeds was shocked when she heard she was out of the programme.

Data manager Jon managed to avoid eviction for a second time after Anouska was forced to leave the house last week. By the time phone lines closed, 640, 081 viewers had cast their vote. If the 640, 081 votes cast, 276,705 (43.2%) voted for Jon and 363,376 (56.8%) voted for Justine.

Justine Sellman was booted out of the Big Brother House after her last-minute saucy revelations failed to save her from eviction. The 27-year-old has attempted to up the sex factor in the fly-on-the-wall house during her final days by disclosing she once had a threesome, performing a raunchy dance with Tania and spending hours lounging around in a bikini.

But presenter Davina McCall announced she was the second contestant to be voted out after her provocative antics failed to endear her to viewers of the Channel 4 show.


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