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22-02-01, 20:17
I am stuck again. At the beginning of The Lost Library the shining knights come charging - and I can't kill them. Please advise anyone. I am out of explosive arrows and grenade ammo.

This led me to try the cheats, but I have so far not managed to get the compass transparent - despite facing north in numorous places. Can anyone give some useful info on that. And finally, presuming I get the compass transparant, when it says "hold" while entering H+L" etc I assume that hold means holding shift and that both the letters and the plus sign should be typed?


Mr Croft
22-02-01, 23:04
Hi bjorka.
Itīs possible to kill those knights without explosives. I think I used Uzis. Shoot only when theyīre racing straight towards you, īcause you have to hit them in their hearts.
You have to spend a few bullets before they drop. Hope it helps.
About the cheat - I donīt know.

26-02-01, 04:48
I have a little help on the cheats. The only way I got them to work for me was to get on a block that Lara could hang off of any of the sides. Make sure she is standint facing north, and make sure its the red portion of the needle that is pointing to the N. Now have Lara hop backward and hang on the side of the block, now have her pull up. When she comes back to a standing position go to the inventory screen. The compass should now be transparent. As far as spelling out the words, you do not hold the shift button because you dont want the + in the words. All you have to do is type the word HELP, or WEAPONS which ever it is for the cheat your trying to use. Hope this helps you out!