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27-08-04, 18:34
I once had norton antivirus 2004 installed on my PC but took it off because it sucked most of the speed out of it. But it did have a useful "ad-blocking" feature that was able to block all kinds of annoying flash ads and especially banner ads (y'know the ones that say "click here" to obtain ur prize). I now have Mcafee installed and unfortuantely it does not have an ad blocking feature. I am on AOL and they are able to block flash ads, but not banner ads. Does anyone know of a free downloadable program (spyware free) that can block banner ads and therefore speed up my connection?

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27-08-04, 19:44
Using one of the Mozilla (http://mozilla.org) suite browsers you'll find an inbuilt popup blocker. As for blocking ad's in web pages, you might like to try using a pac file and setting it up as a proxy. Not as complicated as it sounds. I use Schooner's, and you'll find it with full instructions HERE (http://www.schooner.com/~loverso/no-ads/). The advantage of using a pac file over your HOSTS file, is size. The pac file from Schooner is only 35KB, whereas an adequately modified HOSTS file can bloat to 2MB, slowing your connection right down. And of course, no program to install.

28-08-04, 14:19
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28-08-04, 14:41
You could also use the google toolbar (http://toolbar.google.com/) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

29-08-04, 23:07
If you are running windows xp the new service pack 4 has a good add blocker http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

And it is free ;)

29-08-04, 23:57
Service pack 4? I didn't know you were from the future. Why didn't you tell us before? So, can you give me next weeks lottery numbers? :D