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01-09-04, 15:04
Hi there, i now have all the TR, yay, all for PC, which is a change because i did have the collection for PSX, but finally today i got TR AOD fro merely 6.99 :eek:


And also what i like is best is the fact i can use my PSX controller and remap the buttons so that the square button is jump like all the rest of the TR, not circle.

Thing is my laptops graphics card is ****, also it runs really slow because the gme would only install when i selected minimum. So its not on my hard drive, i just keep getting this error saying there is some files missing and please check they are there and retry!

*EDIT ; I was thinking, after i install TR AOD with just the minimum stuff, if i open the CD and then just copy and past the Maps and Audio will that make the game faster?

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01-09-04, 15:11
ELEN could you send me this file?

the error says;

Cannot copy PARIS5_1GMX: Data Error (cydic redundancey check)

This is when i attemp to copy the folder from the CD to the tomb raider directory!

01-09-04, 15:40
Best thing, if you have the space is to do a full install onto the hard drive then play the game as it will run faster I think. You can't do a min install then copy maps cause the game won't look for the maps on the hard drive it will be searching on the CD(s).

Moving to tech support...

01-09-04, 16:15
Thanks, no it wouldnt let me do the full install, because it said there was some files missing or something!

01-09-04, 18:29
Originally posted by SpArKy:
Cannot copy PARIS5_1GMX: Data Error (cydic redundancey check)
This is a file read error caused either by the CD being faulty (try cleaning it) or your CD-ROM is faulty. :(