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02-09-04, 14:56
I have installed the Startup Configuration Utility for AOD, but when i select the all wepons cheat, and load a level, it will show me the loading level screen, then go blank with an error message, and put me back ontot he desktop;

Do i need to install all three of the patches, now i tried another level, by using the SCU i selected the Strahov Buiding, and that loaded, but i had no items watsoever?

I dont use my processor is a Intel Celeron, as its a laptop, so i dont know, i have got all the TR series working so far, so just this one to go!

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02-09-04, 16:34
Hi Sparky http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif , did you check the previous thread 2 days ago? I hope it helps you.

02-09-04, 20:18
Mmm thanks Deems i will take a look. See if i can figure something out!