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11-09-04, 00:12
I got my own internet access in April of this year. Since then my laptop has gradually been running slower and slower and slower. Tonight just took the p***. It took me 1hr 15 mins to connect to the internet. My desktop is just one never ending hourglass. Occasionally a message flashes up "short on virtual memory", but I don't know what this means or what I can do about it.

Today I tried deleting hundreds of old pictures and word files I don't need anymore, in the hope that with more memory available the machine would work faster. Didn't work, though. I also deleted 83 viruses off the machine last week with the help of a friend. That hasnt helped things either, though.

I know dial-up is alow, but does that make any difference if I can't even get to the 'connect' option without an hour+ wait first? My broadband was supposed to activate within 10 days from Sep 1st, but I can't even get that working, and it's now been 10 days. I'm at my wits end here. I'm no cpu expert when it comes to tech stuff. All I want is a fast running machine and I'm pulling my hair out. I shouldn't have to wait 1hr 15mins to get on my my own internet, one I'm paying a monthly bill for.

tlr online
11-09-04, 00:51
Evening. My advice. Backup all the files you want to keep, format and re-install a nice clean fresh copy of Windows. Make a note of your internet settings (usernames, server names and password) along with any game saves prior to formatting however, and be sure you can boot from your Windows CD also.

It does sound like Windows is beginning to fall apart. As a general rule of thumb, a fresh install every six months will keep your PC/notebook running at a decent speed.

11-09-04, 06:10
I totally agree with tlr here on this Scott. After an infection like that http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif (but believe me, it's not the worst case I've seen) I can imagine that so many files have been corrupted. It is much easier to fully format and reinstall your OS.