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11-09-04, 11:59
ATI Radeon Catalyst 4.9 Driver (http://www.ati.com/support/driver.html) is now available.

Fixed in this driver:
</font> XIII: Light map artifacts are no longer noticed in the game when loading a saved game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON™ 9200 installed</font> Far Cry v1.2: Texture corruption is no longer seen on the ground</font> IL2 Forgotten Battles: Playing the game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON™ X800 series installed no longer results in the display corruption and the game failing to respond when FSAA is enabled and display is set to either 1200x960 or 1600x1200</font> Indian Jones and the Emperors Tomb: Display corruption and missing polygons are no longer noticed in the game</font> PainKiller: missing textures are no longer noticed on the ground and light artifacts are noticed when moving around within the game or when moving in and out of the light.</font> Serious Sam SE: Running the game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON™ X800 PRO installed no longer results in lens flares showing through solid objects within the game</font> Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: An access violation error no longer occurs when using the function Alt-Tab to get out of the game and then using the function Alt-Tab to get back into the game</font> Tabula Rasa: Video rendering issues are no longer noticed playing the game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON™ 9700 PRO installed</font> Tony Hawk 4: playing the game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON™ 9100 installed no longer results in white pixels being seen around the edges of objects</font> Connecting an HDTV 7pin dongle to the video card no longer results in TV detection issues when both the TV and YPbPr (HDTV) are active</font> Playing a DVD with PowerDVD on the primary display and playing an MPEG clip with Windows Media Player on the secondary display device no longer results in flickering and corruption being seen</font> Enabling a second display device followed by changing the positions of the two devices in the mapping area, no longer results in the images changing to a different unexpected position when click apply to the changes</font> Setting the Overlay option back to the default setting now results in the default setting becoming active when relaunching the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER</font> Repeatedly switching from one custom profile and another in rapid succession no longer results in the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER failing to respond</font> Canceling SMARTGART changes and exiting the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER no longer results in the reboot message reappearing when restarting the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER</font> A .net error message is no longer displayed under Windows 2000 when the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER is installed from an administrator account an then attempting to launch the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER from the system tray on a secondary account</font> Having the display properties page active and attempting to close the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER no longer results in a .net exception error message appearing</font> Assigning the same hotkey for Increase 3D Gamma and Decrease 3D Gamma under Windows 2000 no longer results in a .Net exception error when attempting to move the hotkey manager window around the desktop</font> Disabling the primary device and selecting the secondary device to be the primary no longer results in the Information Center displaying a blank page</font> The CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER no longer reports the CPU type as Intel when installed under an AMD64 system</font> Launching the Task Manager and clicking on End Process for the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER system tray option no longer results in the system tray option for the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER still be selected within the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER</font> Switching from the CATALYST™ Control Center System Skin option to the CATALYST_Quicksilver Skin option no longer results in the Toolbar area skin becoming corrupted</font>

11-09-04, 17:11
thanks for the info...i have a 9800 Pro...so cool! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

11-09-04, 17:21
Me too http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

11-09-04, 18:33
...a voice from the darkness....

For me..not completely, unfortunately. I have just a Radeon 9000 Pro card, and this driver is a very little bit slower than the previous one was. It's not serious at all though, and I always update the driver for the videocard..I mean, monthly. As I experienced, there were slower and faster drivers..if one was slower, then the next one was faster, usually. So, maybe the 4.10 will be faster for me... :D Anyway, I'm not sure about updating my drivers monthly is a good thing..maybe it could be useful if I had at least a Radeon 9500 card (so, for a DX9 card)..but under that, I'm not so sure...

In TRAOD, I lost only 1 single FPS in the "paris3.pad" demo, LOL (27 FPS at maximum settings, and no AA with 4xAF)! The other game what I like is PainKiller, and it had some "interesting issues" in the graphics with the 4.8 driver (blinking textures at some places (like when the card is overheated, but I know, it wasn't) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif )..I'm curious about if it has been fixed in this new driver... I also got a bit lower scores in 3DMark2001SE and 3DMark2003 340 Patch, but they also weren't so serious. So, it's slower for me just a very little bit, what I can't feel while I'm playing, and perhaps it's more stable than the previous one was...

However, I still have a problem with GliDOS and TR1+Gold: the game just slows down and skips frames in about every 10 seconds. I don't know if GliDOS 1.29 causes it, or maybe the updated drivers (it was fully okay with GliDOS 1.28 and Catalyst 4.7)..but it's just annoying... :(

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