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12-09-04, 20:28

I am sure you have discussed this before but i havenīt played TR AOD since i got it (when it was realese) because it keeps crashing my computer, and i mean, the whole computer. I have to restart it again and again...

After a year, has someone realize what the problem could be? how to fix this? maybe my computer is too old for the game?...anyway, here are the details of it:

- 1603 MHz AuthenticAMD Athlon XP
- Windows XP 5.1.2600
- RAM Memory 512 Mb total
- NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 64 Mb
- Creative SB Live! (WDM)
- DirectX last version
- Hard disk 40 Gb

Thank you anyone!

12-09-04, 20:30
I also installed the two patches from Eidos official page!

12-09-04, 20:54
Hi marroland.
Your computer, given the specs, should be able to handle it.
Have you read our TRAOD FAQ page (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/aodwalk/faq.html) yet?
And always see that you temporarily disable antivirus program, printer, screensaver, before attempting to go gaming.

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12-09-04, 23:30
Thank you!! I read the TRAOD FAQ page and I did everything it said but i havenīt done the antivirus and firewall thing.

I will do that and see how it goes,
Thanks again!