View Full Version : Tomb Raider 2 ... Bugs' Fault?

15-09-04, 14:04
Lately everytime I play TR2, I see everything mixed up, I see many dots and more awful stuff, Lara and other characters seem fine, while environment and other stuff r awful. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v429/Anubis_AF/Smileyz/notworking.gif. Here's the screenshot, could it be from bugs? If not, can anyone hlep me fix it? Thank u.


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15-09-04, 15:03
It looks quite normal Anubis. Some textures do disappear at some points, and re-appear when you move. About the pixellation. It is your resolution. Try increase the game resolution in the game menu (or by pressing F2 in game to increase it. F1 decreases the resolution again).

15-09-04, 16:05
You may also try to enable filtering in game settings, this picture looks like TR1 graphics ;)

15-09-04, 17:04
OK thank u, I'll try.