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20-09-04, 13:22
Please help theres none of that beautiful background music throughout the entire TR2 Gold game plus no sound at all in some of the cut sequences :(

I have windows xp

tlr online
20-09-04, 13:25
Hello and welcome aboard. Do you have the 'Sold Out' version of Tomb Raider II?

Also, have you checked your audio options from within the game? You are able to adjust the volume of both sound effects and music.

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20-09-04, 13:41
Hello Hamlet.

To play TR2 on XP:
Go to your Program Files/Core Design/Tombraider2 directory, right-click on the tr2.exe file (with the head of Lara ;) ), choose Properties. On the compatibility tab, choose to run in W98/ME mode.

Also, place a shortcut to this exe on your desktop. To play TR2: after inserting the disk, stop the autoplay, and doubleclick the shortcut to start the game.

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