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24-09-04, 22:31
I have a broadband connection 750k connection, and i have a Laptop with a Wireless Network card, but i dont know what else i need to connect my Laptop wirelessly.

I currentl connect my cable modem to my Laptop via Ethernet port, any help would be appreciated, i thouhgt i might need a wireless router, but i am sure i do not, any assistence would be much appreciated, thanks!


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24-09-04, 23:36
Hi Sparky,

You need a Wireless DSL modem/router.

Broadbandstuff.co.uk (http://www.broadbandstuff.co.uk/index.php?cPath=25)

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26-09-04, 11:28
Hi Sim thanks, just curious, why do i need a router, could i not just plug my cable modem into a.....say like a base station to send a signal out to my laptop, or anything, i am not familliar with networking so i dont really know what am talking about, just what i have a read a lil of, and with a great big stonking hang over, i am probably not making any sense at all, so am gonna shut up http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/silent.gif

26-09-04, 12:51
Hi Sparky, Sim meant you need a modem OR a router. Router only if you (plan to) have a network with 2 pc's or more. As i understand you only use 1 laptop, you are perfectly fine with a modem.

Take a nap, it may help you getting over the hangover. ;)

26-09-04, 21:18
Hi hung over again, had some long awaited time off work. I managed to get hold of a BELKIN 4 PORT CABLE/DSL GATEWAY ROUTER from ebay for 35;
Hope its what i need!

30-09-04, 13:30
Hi i think the router above is the wrong thing i need, because its not wireless, its only sharing the network, bummer, my laptop card isnt going to pick it up. LMAO oopps

Still hasnt arrived so i will keep you informed, he he!

30-09-04, 19:23
Hi Sparky,

I don't think I have seen a wireless router that isn't a modem as well?

That's why I said a DSL modem/router. I'm not certain that anyone makes them? I could be wrong?

(note that I removed the A from DSL :D )

I found this DSL Router on DABS, but when you read the spec it is also a modem.

DABS.COM (http://www.dabs.com/uk/channels/hardware/modemsandadslhardware/productView.htm?quicklinx=36vx)

12-10-04, 13:43
Well turns out the above router i purchased has got lost in the post, the person from ebay "says" they have put in a clamis form, which i do believe things do get lost and communication has been excellent between the two of us, so fingers crossed.

Although as i sit in my lounge with no wires, you should know i purchased another one because the above router was the wrong one :rolleyes:
i got it from ebay for around 38 i think, so if anyone wants to buy the other one when i receive it for around 30 then please PM as i have no use for it and cannot be bothered to flog it on ebay, well to be honest i am usure how to do it, i might give Steph Croft a bell.

Anyway getting off track again as usual, i have a slight problem, my network is OPEN it says and it sounds nasty http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/silent.gif .

I am just going to conect my playstaion 2 to the router and then i am going to try and set a password etc.

But for now, i dont even know how! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif

12-10-04, 14:19
Well my PS2 now says it cannot connect to Cetral Station, which is like my home page fro my PS2. but i rebuilt my connection settings from scratch, and i tested the connection with the inbuilt feature, and it said it was fine, although none of my games work and it wont connect to Central Station.

My laptop still works, and i am guessing the router is too and it is sharing appropriately, as the connection test was fine, so i guess it is my PS2 playing up.

Although i would like to know how i secure my wireless network. Thanks