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12-07-03, 14:16
I have every TR game...INCLUDING the special edition TR games....I think theres a TR1 Platinum...a TR 2 Gold..Unifinshed business...and TR Lost Artifact..Im pretty sure those are the special editions...Im at work writing this and dont have the boxes in front of me so I may be wrong about one or two titles....but whatever the case i have ALL relases opertaining to TR series

ANYWAY...I was wondering......OK..of all the TR games I have, the only game I have finshed is TR 2 (regular edition)..and Currently im playing TR 3 (regular edition)......now..my question is this.....in order to play the SPecial Editions of the two games I just listed (or any other game for that matter) do I have to have the ORIGINAL release installed on my pc?

I bought the special editions long after I completed TR 2 and uninstalled it off my pc......the I bought TR 2 Gold.....never loaded it yet, but to play it do I need TR 2 regular edition loaded? OR are ALL the SPecial Edition games unique gmes all on their own and do not need any other support from the regualr edition?

I hope I'm making myself clear on this question

FOr TR 3...im abotu 95% finsihed....but now I have the lost artifact specuial edition......do I load that game on TOP of TR 3 or can I unload TR 3 the load Lost Atrifact?

Please explain

12-07-03, 14:44
Only TR Unfinished business requires Original TR.
Onther ones just need original CD (TR 2 Gold) or they have their own CD (TR:LA). Do you have TR 4: Times level too ;) ?

12-07-03, 14:48
Hi Marq...

The Bonus Edition of TR1 and TR2 is a double CD that icludes the original game (1st CD) plus the bonus levels (4 for TR1 and 5 for TR2-in a 2nd CD). The Lost Artifact is not official called as "TR3 Gold" and that's why it's a stand alone game.

For the Bonus Edition of TR1 and TR2, if you have what officially has released, then you don't need TR1 and TR2. You said you have TR1&TR2 Gold Editions. Have you checked what these CDs include?? If they are not the original releases (two CDs) and you only have the Gold levels (which you can easily download from the internet), then you need the original TR1 and TR2 games.

But you can play The Lost Artifact without having any problem... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

12-07-03, 14:50
:confused: Have I missed something here??

12-07-03, 19:13
when i get home from work ill check to see exacly what games I have...I WILL get back with you!