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02-03-02, 13:42
Bit of a nong question here.

I have just inherited a dell PC 266 , 64mB, Windows 95, 3dfx voodoo series version 1 (5/5/2000) which seems to run things like Flight simulator 2000 fine and then I bought Tombraider II and F16 Aggressor. These installed fine and then when started they do the first bit, show the intro and then crash with a black screen. I have noticed also since then on other applications (eg Internet explorer) that the computer seems to have difficulties in working out the size of the screen- windows don't fit on the screen- possibly related? The helpline for the version which I bought (sold out) suggested that I needed to download the latest update for the video card. Despite looking at length on various sites I have been unable to find anything which looks suitable. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.

02-03-02, 14:52
Okay, considering what you said about the windows not fitting-

Right-click on the desktop and select the "properties" option. Then click on the "settings" tab. Look at the bit which says "screen area" and take note of the number which appears here. If you want, you can change it to something like 640x480, or 1024x768. Whatever you leave it as, write it down, and go into the TRII setup. Then change the resolution to the same number. I don't know if this would help, but it's an idea.

Another problem I had was that I wasn't actually using my 3d hardware- Go back into the display settings and click on the "Advanced" button. Then click on "Performance" and make sure that the slider bar is right up to "Full Acceleration". This solved a problem I had with TR4 not starting, although I don't know if your graphics hardware will have the same settings. I hope this is useful, anyway.

02-03-02, 16:22
Thanks for the suggestions. I tried both but to no avail (my settings in both case were 640x480 and performance was on max).
Any other suggestions please?

02-03-02, 18:02
You tried changing the settings in the TRII setup?

Do you have any other games which you are sure use the graphics card?