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10-03-02, 19:47
I have a big problem with the level editor that I've never had before. When I first installed it, everything was fine. But then I had to reinstall it and whenever I start the game, the graphics are terrible; nothing's smooth like it was before, it's all pixels. AND THEN (as though that's not enough) whenever I try to import a level into the game, that tom 2 pc program stops after the first three lines and then freezes over. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tlr online
12-03-02, 14:11
hello. be sure your screen resolution is 1024/768 and your color depth is 16bit.

13-03-02, 00:24
I did. Everything is what it should be. I don't think I changed anything.

13-03-02, 19:24
Did you try going into the TR setup? You could higher the resolution for the game in there, which should make the graphics sharper.

13-03-02, 23:23
how do you do that?

14-03-02, 18:47
It should be in the Start Menu, under Core Design/Tomb Raider Level Editor/Tomb Raider setup. If not, then link to it:

"C:\Program Files\Core Design\TRLE\tomb4.exe" -setup

Type that into your Run dialogue box from the start menu (Include the inverted commas). Then higher the resolution and you might want to enable the Volumetric effects, and make sure bilinear filtering is checked- that is probably why the textures are pixelised.

15-03-02, 01:10