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05-10-04, 19:34
Damn Internet Explorer! GRRR. Ok, I've spent time creating webpages in a nice and simple way (WYSIWYG) and they work a dream in Mozilla. But when I came to view a couple in spits Internet Explorer, it has completely (slight exaggeration) ignored my formatting and insists upon padding the division between two cells of my table. Does anyone know how I can easily overcome this?

05-10-04, 19:38
Net, read your PM please. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

05-10-04, 19:48
Net, which wysiwyg program do you use? I use Macromedia Dreamweaver. You can set your preference to IE version 6.
But a table, cells and rows are such standard html elements that Mozilla should not read them wrongly.
So i gues something else went wrong ...
Are all the tables you made, bad? :(

05-10-04, 19:53
Mozilla doesn't read them wrongly Joseph. I made them with Mozilla's Composer. The problem is IE (damn I hate it lol). The problem is with two pages. Looks great in Mozilla but spoilt in IE.

[EDIT] Sorry, the other pages are fine, but the problem is these two tables (one per page) I am using split images (where I'm not on the others) and it's adding this padding. At least that's how it looks in IE.

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05-10-04, 20:54
Hi Net,

I guess you are talking about the eyes.....

Weird. It looks fine for my in IE and Opera, but out of sync in Mozilla?

Just downloading Firefox 1.0PR

05-10-04, 21:12
OH NO! This is turning out a disaster. Mind you, it's not so bad with the eyes per se. As it's only invisible links, but you say it's out of synch in Mozilla? Oh I don't get this. It all looks fine for me in Mozilla, but my links pages are out of synch in IE (the central link images are split when they shouldn't be). As I've said to Joseph in PM all my tables/cells are set with 0 borders, 0 padding but IE insists on putting them in down the middle.

I did find out a little about the difference with browsers and how they treat tables (IE apparently insists on inserting padding) but it can be overcome with cascading style sheets. Which is a realm I really don't want to get into. For the meantime I can redo the links pages and create separate tables for the central links so they don't split. But now you've mentioned they eyes problem I really don't know what to do there as it's already a separate nested table. WYSIWYG? What a lie! should be WYSIWYDG What you see is what you don't get.

05-10-04, 21:40
A few tips to maximize IE and Mozilla compatibilities:

- use CSS, try to put all object definitions in external CSS file
- use tables not layers and divs
- use #xxyyzz for object color, not just xxyyzz (Firefox doesn't read color if there is no # before color definition)
- do not use browser specific tags
- use Firefox (http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/) browser to test compatibility, if Firefox displays well, IE should display well also

05-10-04, 21:50
Net http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif
As i PM'd you: maybe i'm wrong but i hope i'm not:
It's not the padding that has to be "0", but it is the Cell space which has to be "0"

(* which couldn't be shown, because
this forum doesn't allow html, so i just emailed it to you.)

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05-10-04, 22:03

The eyes are OK on the front page, but missaligned on subsequent pages. This seems true with all browsers.

You might be better off using frames and use the left and top frame for the image and use the centre frame for content. It should reduce the overhead and chance for error.

Another way is not too overlay images, but to specify area references to hotspot links on a single image.

I have created a sample web page (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/~simulation/temp/index.htm). Have a look at the source.

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05-10-04, 22:09
Your call that SIMPLE Sim, i can only barely create one using HTML! Looks mysterious by the way, is there a link Neteru i could see you could send me via PM or anything.

05-10-04, 22:19
OK Sim, great. Thanks. I'll look into it. I'm just too tired now, gonna log off just now. Thanks for all of your efforts and suggestions guys http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif BTW Sim, the eyes don't exist on the other pages, just the index :D

Sparky, not yet, not quite ready.

06-10-04, 11:12
OK, I seem to have fixed the problem in a simpler way. I admit it, I was being lazy. After all I'd done I wasn't minded to redo all the formatting for two pages. But that's what I needed to do, so I got it done and it works now.

Sim, thanks very much again for the framed version you made up for me. I will keep it for future reference in case I need to use it after all (I was going to do that when trying to save load times, when I started to encounter problems with IE and over all the pages it only saved about 200KB so wasn't worth the effort to rewrite all of my pages. Again, being a little lazy, I just like it simple though :D ).

Thanks again Joseph for all of your advices. And especially the target="_blank" It does work in both browers after all. I don't know why it didn't work at first but there you go.