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06-10-04, 14:45
I take stuff written on a Windows 98 (I think) system from one building and try and open it up at home again on my Windows XP. Trouble is, once I've loaded up Word and clicked on the file I want from the A-drive, I get the message in the thread title, despite the fact that other files on the disk work fine. I've tried this file on two seperate disks now and both times it won't come up on my Xp word at home. Why on earth? It's only text, the same as every other word file I write.

06-10-04, 15:15
Hm, I'm not experienced with using Word. But I can only think it's something to do with file types. Assuming the other files are a different extension? Are they txt files doc files what? Have you tried copying the file to your hard drive first and loading it in Word from there? If it's just text, try saving it as a different file type.

06-10-04, 15:27
I've got some ideas of what I can do, but the only arse is having to wait until tomorow to go back to that building where the damn thing does work.

06-10-04, 15:37
It could simply be that the head alignment in your floppy drive is different to the that of the floppy drives at school.

This was quite a well known problem when the only portable media was floppy disks. But now we have CD and flashdrives these older problems have largely been forgotten. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

09-10-04, 00:42
Well, there is two types you can use anyway, ther is Mocrosofts Office - Word, or there is Another one, erm....well carnt remember what ist called, but its something Microsoft, usually comes with a new PC, but anyway it wont read the word documents, best thing to do is open up in notepad and then copy and paste into the new Word document.

Oh thats it "Star Office" or something, maybe one Computer has office instlled and the other hasnt!