View Full Version : Laptop Maousepad Trouble!

13-10-04, 19:45
Hi guys i am scared i am using my laptop as usual, but when i move my hand acros it, the cursor kind of goes mad, like where it wants, i have cleaned the suface, but still no look, and sometiems, it will kepp moving on its own, as if someone else is controllling it, does anyone know why this could be happeneing and how i can resolve this, and how i could find out how i can tell if someone else is controlling it.

13-10-04, 20:20
Have you made any changes to it after it was last working properly?

13-10-04, 20:51
No nothing it just started happening, i turned off my laptop and the router at the mains, and left it for 30 mins, and now everything seems to be fine :confused:

13-10-04, 20:54
Sometimes that happens, what OS are you using on it?

13-10-04, 20:55
Nope its started again now!

13-10-04, 20:58
Microsoft XP Home?

13-10-04, 21:04
Well, hmm.

Sounds like a conflict in the hardware, you don't have a mouse connected or anything?

13-10-04, 21:19
Not at present, but i did have earlier when situated at my desk, with a connector in front of the PS2 mouse for my USB 2.0 DVD Writer :rolleyes:

I have like a million USB things, lmao, Hubs, two hubs lol. USB Disk Drive, MP3 player, 7 in 1 card reader, Webcam, PS2 - PC joypad convertor, so i think it runs quite smoothly for a laptop, oh plus a PCMCI card to enable USB 2.0 lmao.

13-10-04, 21:26
Sheesh http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

13-10-04, 21:28
yeah i really carnt complain, i dont usually get much fault though, it all loads so quick and the operating system, but i just have an order for things, and the computer just seems to like it like that.

13-10-04, 21:45
The toughpad may just be going bad too, so might want to find out if you can get it fixed.

14-10-04, 09:34
I will ask around, thanks Draco for your time.

14-10-04, 10:25
I dunno, just a suggestion: are you wearing some electronic watch on the wrist of the hand you hover over your laptop with, which could be interfering?