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22-10-04, 23:01
im familiar that i have to download the audio seperately and then burn it to a mixed cd.but i can't "hit" the rights tracks . i need somebody to tell me which tracks to select once i selected the track before the right track ... next time the track after the right track and i wasted 4 cds yet i dont wanna waste more.somebody help please

23-10-04, 13:32
I just downloaded the sound package, Martin, and opened some tracks with Windows Media Player. I must admit i find it a bit strange that when i doubleclick "01.wma", WMP starts to play some crackling beeps called "Track 60" with a duration of 6 seconds (0.06 min.). Exactly the same happens with "61.wma", being the same cracks / beeps.
When i doubleclick "60.wma", WMP starts playing "Track 59" with a duration of 2:43 min.

I don't know. I hope Simulation will come soon to explain, he is the expert on this.
I have never burnt / used these sound-replacement cd's because i have all the original Tombraiders, no "SoldOuts". So sorry i cannot help you. :(

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23-10-04, 13:59
I'm downloading the audio files now......

I get back to you a bit later.

Hi Jo http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif I have added your comments to the FAQ. See mod section. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

23-10-04, 19:29
well i figured out the problem.but i still really don't know why 1st and 61 are same tracks but the solution is the following:
select tracks from 2 to 61 (all without 1.wma) and add them to the Audio CD but when u add them
1st track is 2wma with Title = Track 2.I discovered that the game calls not the track by arrangement but the track by title so u have to rename all 60 track's titles(unfortunately) one number back... so u make 02(02.wma) with title 01, (03.wma) with Title 02 and so on... may be the audio package is usable in this way for Audio replacement CD-s but defenetely u got to go a little genius to use them for a Fixed CD.Bad thing is that it is impossible to test the CD-s as Images because the music plays only if the Tomb2 cd is in the first cd-rom drive(means that if u had a CDWriter on E: and CD-ROM on G: u might not hear music if u put the cd in G:) and i had to write it and i wasted 4 Cd-s before i came to this solution.That's the sad thing.Thank for the help anyway.
I think the game is worthy all this http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

edit: The FAQ for Tomb Raider II/Gold Audio has to be fixed i think for the future

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23-10-04, 20:05
The FAQ for Tomb Raider II/Gold Audio has to be fixed i think for the future The FAQ hasn't changed?

If you are using method 1 you have to only copy tracks 2-61. Track 1 is a dummy track for method 2 (it is the same as the last track).

Sorry for the delay, but from the earlier post I thought perhaps that the zip file was damaged.

23-10-04, 21:02
no file is not damaged.i mentioned this in my post that if u select from 2-61 as said in the FAQ the title of track1 is 2 and there is a misunderstanding if u try it u will see it