View Full Version : TR3+LA + Win98SE won't install

10-07-02, 17:05
Having problems installing.

The machine is running Win98SE, a K6/2 350 with 96 megs of ram, plenty of hard disk space.

It refuses to install. Installation starts, but it bombs out when it starts copying the files saying "An error occured during the data move process: -117"

I can't even copy the cd contents to a directory on the hard disk and install from there. AWCS.AFP won't copy onto a hard disk. Win2K on my main machine explains more about a cyclic redundancy check error.

Anyone else had this problem? Anyone else sorted it? Or do I download a cracked version of the game (I have a feeling it's to do with the lame anti-piracy measures)?

tlr online
10-07-02, 17:39
Col. welcome aboard. this sounds like a read error on the CD. Are the copies original CD's? Do you have an alternative CDROM/CDRW that you can install from?

10-07-02, 18:28
Thank you, tlr online.

Yeah, it sounds like a read error to me too.

The cd IS an original, one of the Premier Collection budget versions of the game bundled with the Last Artefact levels.

I do have another CDROM drive, but it is in my main box, and getting it out is a major pain, and not worth the effort until tomorrow. It's for my housemate. She's a major TR fan, and she uses my second box for email mostly, but it's well up to the task of running TR3. She's out of the house tomorrow, so I'll be able to do it then.

But, my main box can't seem to run as a cd server to he machine, but will install the game okay. It won't run however. I'll drag the created directory across to her machine and see if that sorts it. The registry doesn't contain much info on TR3 so I hope I can get by without it. I'll keep you informed.

tlr online
10-07-02, 18:59
ok. good luck.

10-07-02, 21:32
Okay, got it. Taken hours, but I then had issues with the TNT2 drivers (Lara's house and clothes looked like the Jimi Hendrix Audi TT advert! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif )

For the record, you don't need to install the game, just copy the installation files from one PC to another. The registry settings are irrelevant.

Now I have another issue that I don't think anyone can help with...

I have a Saitek Joypad. I'd like to map it's shoulder buttons to something similar to the Playstation's (jump left and right), but the buttons are actually the 3d axis on a joystick (normally the twisting on a flightstick). Anyone know of a utility that can fool DirectInput signals to pretend to be multiple key presses?

11-07-02, 17:33
Aldo to the rescue...


Not tested it yet, but here's to hoping.

This may actually allow me to hook my PSOne pad up to my PC, but for that I'll need to sort out my PSX adapter, and out of scope here.

tlr online
11-07-02, 17:44
Good stuff! thanks for the info.