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14-11-04, 19:56
Do I have to install a program or something? This icon appears on few pictures on the web.

14-11-04, 20:21
It indicates where an image is supposed to load in a webpage. The image may not be loading because it's been moved from the place that the link for it refers to, a server hosting it is down, you have software blocking images, or images from it's site, you have your browser configured not to load images from that site or a number of other reasons.

14-11-04, 20:29
Can that be fixed?

14-11-04, 20:34
It depends upon the cause Anubis.

14-11-04, 20:39
Anubis, it doesn't need to be fixed, it is a function, which works correct.

15-11-04, 11:08
Well then, how can I make a picture appear instead of that icon?

15-11-04, 13:03
Well, it is just as Neteru said: dependant on what is the cause. I'll give some examples.
</font> Many times a picture is not available anymore on the webpage, but some properties of the picture ARE. Nothing you can do about that, the pic is gone.</font> Sometimes a picture is in a format that your browser or computer do not recognize. In that case, right-click on the icon and read the properties. Install a program or tool to display it.</font> Your firewall or internet security settings may block certain images. Easiest to know, is to temporarily disable such applications and try again. If the pic is displayed after that, you know. Look in your settings what you can do about that.</font> Sometimes there are bandwidth causes. You could try this always: right-click the icon, look at the properties, copy the url of the image, and paste it in a new browser window. The picture might appear now.</font> Sometimes it is not a picture, but an Active X file, or a java file, and they do not appear due to your internet security settings that block them.</font>

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15-11-04, 13:43
Thanks josef and Neteru.

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