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tlr online
15-11-04, 12:13
Hiya. I bought a new HDD today, and I wanan mirror my boot drive to my new HDD so I don't have to re-install XP Pro. Also I don't have a FDD so suggestions or info would be appreciated.

Thank you kindly.

15-11-04, 13:42
Hi tlr. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif
You don't have Powerquest Drive Image i presume? It is the tool i use, and it is perfect and the easiest way to do it. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

Symantec bought Powerquest, and now they have Norton Ghost 9 (http://www.symantec.com/sabu/ghost/ghost_personal/features.html)
Or you could try R-Drive Image (http://www.drive-image.com/)

Oh..., what is a FDD? :confused:

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tlr online
15-11-04, 13:58
Floppy Disk Drive (FDD)

OK. I *ahem* bought Ghost 9.0 so I'm giving it a whirl now. Thanks. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

15-11-04, 14:15
FDD = floppydiskdrive! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif :D

Excellent that you have Ghost.
I don't know, but assume it works the same as Drive Image.

I would do it like this: </font> install it, of course.</font> Now let it create a image of your complete Windows System. If you have only one partition ("C:"), make image of complete C:.</font> Just place it on the free space you have. If you do not have enough free space left, burn it on a dvd, or on cd's (Drive Image can split into parts. &gt;&gt;it could easily take 10 cd's depending on how large your C is, of course.</font> When youi're finished, you build in the new hdd as MASTER, and set the old as SLAVE.</font> Because you don't have a FDD, you need to first install Windows on the new hdd. Don't worry, it is just for purpose to get NortonGhost to work again. After you installed Windows, you install Ghost on this one too.</font> Now browse with Ghost to the image you made, and choose to "Restore Image" to C:.</font> It will warn you that your current Windows is going to be lost. No prob, that is just what you want.</font> You will have your original Windows including all, now on your new hdd.</font>

15-11-04, 14:23
I've just done this myself. I used Driver Image XP, a free program. It doesn't copy files, but rather copies the HDD sectors and then saves them as separate files (which you can also compress to save space). I imagine it's much the same as other ghosting programs. The advice is, if you are copying a ghost image to a new drive, it is best if the new partition is the same size. But I can't imagine it'll be a problem if it's not, as long as it's minimally big enough. The ghost (with compression) took 39 minutes to create (for 10GB) and 10 minutes to test restore. It should all go smoothly for you.

You need the other OS (ideally) so that the ghost can copy accurately. Trying to copy a running OS will mean an innacurate ghost as system files are in use.

Hope it works out for you. Let us know.

tlr online
15-11-04, 14:27
Norton Ghost (and believe me, it took some time to convince me to install a Norton product http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yuck.gif ) has been working for about 30 mins. One of the benefits of this program is that I can mirror my BOOT drive while in a Windows XP session. As I type here, Ghost is still mirroring the HDD. Not sure if this is gonna work, but I'll keep you posted.

One thing I did notice was that Norton Ghost wanted MS .NET Framework to be installed, which I duly obligued. What is .NET Framework?

tlr online
15-11-04, 14:34
b/w I stuck my SWAP file on the new MAXTOR DIAMOND PLUS P80 (http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?MAX-P80) HDD and Windows XP seems to be running so much faster. My current BOOT drive is an old Quantum 12.1GB.

tlr online
15-11-04, 14:36
b/w Joseph, Net. How are you both doing today? Up to much?

15-11-04, 14:39
The simplest way to describe .NET is it's like a programming language. Say, like Java. A way of implementing how a program looks and functions. So some programs that have been built using NET need it installed to run (though there are few about, but growing).

15-11-04, 14:43
Oh, I was gonna say too. About ghosting a running OS. With my program, it is possible. It depends upon how many programs you have running that are writing to disc/system files. I think if you have system files being written to, you don't get an accurate ghost. I don't know how Nor*** http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yuck.gif works with that. I agree with you tlr, hate them, their name should be censored automaticallly :D

I'm fine thanks. Gotta go to the post office shortly, to return my cordless keyboard and mouse :( The mouse stopped charging the other day. Now I'm back to using basic keyboard and mouse - oh how pre-historic :D

tlr online
15-11-04, 14:45
Tell me. Do you notice a micro-second delay with your wireless keyboard and mouse? I've used on before, and I noticed a slight response delay between hitting a key/moving the mouse and seeing the action performed on screen. I'm back to wires now.. :( Although I am using the Logitech Intellimouse (optical eye thingie) which is pretty cool, especially when playing Quake III :D

tlr online
15-11-04, 15:07
Well... didn't work anyway. INVALID SYSTEM DISK. Didn't appear to have copied the boot sector. Oh well.

15-11-04, 15:36
No I didn't notice any delay tlr. I have the Logitech MX700, and I always found it very quick, very responsive.

About the ghosting. You could try the utility I used. I managed to find a download link here (http://www.coupdepoucepc.com/userinfo.php?uid=184) DrvImageXP 2.2 If you go for trying this, you can set it up on one OS to copy that OS, but in a safe mode, so that all sectors are copied without change. You can then copy this ghost to a partition on the new drive, then set the new drive up as the master and boot into that. There's quite a bit to read in the help files, but I'd recommend you to read it. It helped me understand how it all works.

[EDIT] Incidentally, if you are ghosting your C: partition, you can't save the ghost image to the same partition. I know that might be obvious, but thought I'd best say, for clarity.

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tlr online
15-11-04, 16:32
OK thanks. I'll give that a whirl.

15-11-04, 17:10
Hi folks, i'm back.

tlr, i use Drive Image 5 on one pc, and version 6 (2002) on the other. They work in DOS. So, when i want the C drive to be imaged, Drive Image reboots the pc, and boots itself BEFORE the OS. I would be surprised if Ghost does not work that way. I read about that the newest version of Drive Image (being Ghost today, since Symantec bought them up) does not need to work in DOS anymore, but if it still gives the option, i would certainly choose so.

Well... didn't work anyway. INVALID SYSTEM DISK. Didn't appear to have copied the boot sector. Oh well.
You can easily create a new bootsector. If you think your old C: partition is restored, but only the bootsector is missing.
Safest is to create a new partition, i mean a second partition after your C. I myself use PartitionMagic for that, but Drive Image 2002 has the option "Disk Operations"one of them is "Create new Partition". On this 2nd partition you install also Windows XP. As soon as that one is finished, you will have a new bootsector. </font> Put XP cd in tray</font> Choose "new install".</font> Click "advanced options".</font> Choose "Let me choose the partition on which to install", and "use the setup files from cd".</font>After that, you just delete this new Windows install, and edit the boot.ini file, by deleting the line where this temporary OS is mentioned.
Ehhh... why do you need a bootsector? Are we talking about a dual-boot system that you have been imaging?

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15-11-04, 17:23
Hi Net. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif I have the MX700 also. Excellent piece of equipment!

Tlr: on my old pc, i have wireless keyboard + simpler cordless optical mouse (Logitech also). I once noticed a delay, and found the cause: it only happened when the receiving station was too close to the pc. Let there be at least 20 centimeters between pc, station and keyboard.

15-11-04, 17:28
Hi Joseph http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

How long have you had MX700? I got mine in April, 7 months it ran fine, then just the other day it refused to charge when I put it on the base station.

15-11-04, 18:09
Hi Net. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif
April, May ... around the same time as you bought it. Refused to charge? I never had that problem. Maybe you would have to clean the connections? :confused: Sometimes i charge via the station, but most times i have charged batteries ready at hand from a seperate battery-charger. Because it many times happens when i didn't expect it (empty batteries).

15-11-04, 18:14
I did Joseph. Checked everything, which is why I think the unit is faulty and have returned it today. Anyway, hopefully my replacement will be fine.

15-11-04, 18:32
:( I know you'll miss the mouse untill you receive a replacement. :( Mine is still very much OK. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

15-11-04, 18:33
Hey Net, what do you think tlr is doing atm? :(

15-11-04, 18:59
Meditating? OHHHMMMMM. :D

15-11-04, 19:06
... waking up to a successfull restore? WE could manage it for him if we were at his place. As always, we are challenged to explain via messages on tech support. Did we do well? Or did we confuse tlr?

15-11-04, 19:27
Time will tell. And I have enough of sorting other people computers out here I think lol. I've been tied to the phone for the last two days helping my sister out. But I'd rather someone learned how to do something than me doing it for them, or they don't learn.

tlr online
15-11-04, 19:58
You both faired well. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif I'm using the new drive as SLAVE until I have some more time. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif Thanks again.