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29-11-04, 14:43
S-pilgt54 milk on kehy67board and now kehy67s work weird. Why67agt54 gt54o do?

~(No gt54oddam joke)

29-11-04, 15:15
You spilt milk on keyboard? Try to open it by removing the screws on the backside and look if you can dry the inside with tissues. I always used Logitech keyboards and they were most of the times pretty easy to clean. But it was always wine that i spilt over it. Milk might be harder to remove... :(
It can be a very teadious job to do though, and i damaged some boards. So first go to shop and buy a new one, in case you will not succeed you won't be without a keyboard.

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29-11-04, 15:57
You have no idea how long this sentence took me :(

tlr online
29-11-04, 16:11
Unplug keyboard and shake upside down. This sentence took 2 seconds to type... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

29-11-04, 16:31
can not. la-pto-p

29-11-04, 17:45
Originally posted by Scottlee:
can not. la-pto-pDo not even start i am on an external one, so wierd! :S

29-11-04, 21:10
Are Sparky and Scottlee a double act?

It will probably be ok after 24h or you could try some Air spray. (http://www.office-world.co.uk/livp/webliv.pgm/wwgoto=web503/wwsku=135829/wwtab=SHOP/wwsubmenu=1/wwcatg=001090000000/wwsearch=air) to help dry it out.

My dear son split Coke into a laptop keyboard :mad: . The keys do press down, but come up in their own good time. Still, it's a bit better now after 6 months http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif