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Barb Lou
30-11-04, 10:24
:confused: I've been trying for 3 days to install Tr1.I have WINXP.I've read lots of stuff here about the best things to do to get it going.I at first just followed normal installation,and actually got it to RUN,but the sound and visuals were dreadful,so I set about 'improving' it by clicking on compatibilities etc,but then it just crashed to desktop and I had nothing at all. except 2 messages saying that my comp.had just recovered from a serious error. So I downloaded Bokkie's Advanced Installer,but then my pc froze.Off,and then on again,andback to it,Ihad a security message saying that this could badly damage my computer,etc,etc....Got back to it today and "Your current security settings do not allow you to perform system commands on this item"I am not a pc buff,and all this is freaking me out-HELP!!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif Barb Lou.

30-11-04, 12:07
I don't know what Joseph or others may contribute to this Barb, but I'd suggest hanging on for a short while. Bokkie is currently working on a new version of the advanced installer that will also install dgVoodoo so that you may have better graphics. In the meantime, it will be safe for you to simply delete the directory C:\TOMBRAID (and all it's contents).

30-11-04, 17:32
Hi Barb Lou. So you first installed without the Advanced Installer? Ran into problems and then installed the installer?
Yes, what Neteru says is best you can do.
Delete directory TOMBRAID and TOMBPATH.TXT.

I think it is best to reboot the pc. Then:
See that you have installed VDMSound. Put cd in tray, exit the dos-menu that comes up, or just quit the game.
Start Advanced Installer. Choose to install without Glidos. Just follow the instructions that you previous did.
You first have to run the game in original mode without any problems. If that goes well on your pc, you can take further steps for Glidos or dgvoodoo later.

When you are ingame, you can switch resolutions.
Originally said by Core Design in the readme:
To get SVGA mode, press F1 when you are in the game. This will let you switch modes
between VGA and SVGA. If in SVGA mode your speed is slow, press F2 to reduce the
screen size. F3 to increase it back. Also, in the game's menu (when are ingame, and press the Esc. button, in the rotating menu with passport, glasses, keyboardkeys and so on, you can choose for the glasses -press enter- and choose for high detail.

DON"T USE the compatibility mode on this game.

12-12-04, 03:55
On my Win XP system I have Glidos with Gambit37's High Rez Textures and the new Audio Pack.

On my Win Me system I had TR1 with a standard install from TR1 CD.

I wanted to install dgVoodoo on the Win Me system using the new Advanced Tomb Raider Installer V1.03.

On my Win ME system, the installer works, but it installs several files that are not needed (tomb.vlp, sapucdex.exe, sapucdex.dll), it does not set up the sound right, and the default configuration of dgVoodooSetup.exe didn't work for my system.

If I let the Installer set up the sound card, it picked Sound Blaster 16/AWE32, which didn't work for my system. If I told it that I would set up the sound, it configured for no sound card. There should be an option to just leave the sound setup alone, because if you already had the game set up and running with the original graphics and sound (for me Sound Blaster or Sound Blaster Pro worked, with Port: 220, DMA: 1, and IRQ: 5 or 7), no change was needed to the sound setup.

All the Installer needed to do was install the several dgVoodoo and Glide2x files and the 3dfx voodoo rush TOMB.EXE file. I put shortcuts on the desktop to start the dgVoodoo Glide Server and to strart the game. Using the dgVoodooSetup program, I finally got the configuration set to where it was the best for my system.

The game now works fine for me with dgVoodoo. The graphic quality is a great improvement over the original graphics and is equal to that produced by Glidos. Although with Glidos, you can add Gambit37's High Rez Textures (Caves only so far), and the new Audio Pack (levels 1 to 3 only so far), both of which greatly improve the experience when playing the Original Tomb Raider game.

12-12-04, 12:43
Dino2 -> TR Advanced Installer is designed for Windows XP users, so that's why it copies all those files to TR's directory, and configures the sound and dgvoodoo. Those settings work for almost all XP users.
Configuring the game in XP was very troublesome before - much more difficult then in previous Windows versions.
I managed to run TR under Windows ME and dgvoodoo and it was piece of cake to configure it. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Maybe some day Bokkie will write the universal installer for all operating systems? :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif