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30-11-04, 13:45
Oh good god, why me, my USB stick i use to transfer files from college to home etc, has stopped working, both at home and college so therefore i assume, it is the disk, windows recognises the device no problem. But upon opening the "My Computer" window within exploror i find it is not displayed, thing is guys i really need some files form the disk, even if it is just the design of a cd rom business image, i still need something to hand in on friday.

Hu hu....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (By the way we need a crying smily) :mad:

30-11-04, 14:25
i had this problem with a cd drive once i had t leave my computer off for a couple of days so it had an complete cooldown(it might help here to it worked for the cd drive and even for my zipdrive ;) )

30-11-04, 15:20
Thanks for your reply, but both the stick and the laptop hs been stonecold since yesterday night.

But i hope you are right!

30-11-04, 15:49
your laptop might be cold but drives are somewhat different(for exaple my cd drive (my computer was cold the cd drive felt cold 2 but it was gone and it would'nt reapear until i left my computer off for a couple of days)).

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30-11-04, 23:53
Originally posted by SpArKy:

Hu hu....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (By the way we need a crying smily) :mad: http://simulation.tombraiderforums.com/forum/sadsmile.jpg

Assuming the stick isn't faulty ( :( I have only seen this problem when the drive letter after the last hard drive or CD-ROM is already assigned? I.E. mapped to a network share point for example.

02-12-04, 12:32
MMM well i dont think i have done theat, although i think maybe the disk is damaged but windows detects it fine. It is strange, these thigns always happen to me Sim...ALWAYS

Thanks the smily too

08-12-04, 21:17
Sparky is this the same drive we were talking about on TRM???

Or is it a diffrent one ?

Please let me know?

08-12-04, 23:26
No completely different, the USB Pen device still doesnt appear on any list as a drive or as anything to that matter, although the light comes on and seems to be working.