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08-12-04, 02:34
for some reason, when i come out of the airduct at the strahov fortress just after seeing eckhart kill lummick or whatever his name was. i walk around to that room and lara is consumed by a blue light and dies... :confused: i read the walkthrough and theres supposed to be a gaurd or two when i come out of the duct but none appear, so i cant get the security pass to get out and onto the next level... whats going on? if anyone has any ideas i'd appreciiate your help! thanx

08-12-04, 06:07
anyone? :(

08-12-04, 07:14
this is a pic of how lara is killed by the mysterious dblue light...

webshots community pics (http://http://community.webshots.com/photo/229118370/229118519ikqVgA)

08-12-04, 07:22
that last link (if it even came up) doesnt work for some reason, but the pic is on this link http://community.webshots.com/photo/229118370/229118519ikqVgA
someone please help

08-12-04, 08:36
You're supposed to come from the duct, and the camera is supposed to show the duct above and the patrolling guard below. I think you get the security pass from Luddick's dead body.

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08-12-04, 10:11
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You cannot go to that room because you first have to turn off the power (and the blue lasers you are supposed to see at the entrance). You won't get the Pass from Luddick. One of the guards will give it to you. There is a glitch at this point of the level. Some people encounter crashes there. Have you tried loading a previous savegame? You are supposed to see a guard beneath the duct, and since you cannot see him, you may have activated a bug. Load a previous savegame and try again.

Also, have you installed any patches for the game? The lasers are visible and I was able to see them after installing the patch.

08-12-04, 11:42
I think this belongs in AOD, moving....