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11-12-04, 15:29
Well last week I ordered a product called East Tech Eraser. It's supposed to clean up my computer for privacy and performance. I figured I would need it for the future. Earlier today I read testimonials on it and someone said they lost all free space...? But most others say it deleted past internet files and and had their diskspace increase...?

So before I use this, are there any risks?? Such as the disk space? besides permanently erasing a file. Thanks for support! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

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11-12-04, 15:40
There is always a risk with any program that simply deletes, or one that specifically erases data. Incorrectly used you could prevent the running of your system or program.

In the case of East Tech Eraser, I have found it to be a consistently reliable program that has never caused me any problem. The person you mention talking about filling their hard disk space. I can only imagine that they have set the program to wipe free space on the drive and that they have interrupted the process. When you set the program to wipe free space, it writes random data to all of the free space on the drive (thus filling it up), and then deletes this random data. So if it's interrupted, it could result in the free space being filled. It's only a guess as to what's happened of course. Don't worry, the program is reliable (as said) in my experience.

Have to tried it out before buying it? You could be assured of it's performance that way.

11-12-04, 15:55
I downloaded the trial and only erased some documents. Then I looked into it and found features for erasing internet files for protection of identity theft etc., is it safe to erase my internet files? I've done a lot of online shopping and I don't like knowing that information is on my computer. :(

11-12-04, 16:00
If you mean your Temporary Internet Files, yes it is safe to erase them Thorn.

11-12-04, 16:05
Good! Because I've done that manually before but this software sounds more effective and ensuring. Thanks you two! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif

btw: Why would someone wipe free space if it'll fill there disk up? :confused:

11-12-04, 16:11
It's doesn't fill their disk up. Done properly, the program (or any other) has to write random data to the free space first (that's what a wipe is). Then it deletes the random data and all your free space is there, wiped clean. If the process is interrupted (as I suspect this person did), then the random data won't have been deleted by the program and so the disk will be full. In that circumstance, they should have just deleted the data themselves. Further, what I suspect is that they were panicked by the process. You see, if they read the manual they would have found that it's possible during a free space wipe that windows would warn you of a full disk, but that this is normal and to allow the program to continue. They probably panicked and stopped the process.

13-12-04, 04:20
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