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27-12-04, 19:19
this is the issue that has been mentioned before, but only when ppl need to try to resolve some problem then find they can't

my issue = jerky gameplay caused by constantly accessing CD for [mainly] sound w/out ever seeming to cache anything for future use

things i had originally intended to do:

a: patch game w/ official patch - generally what you do when you get a game
b: patch game w/ AMD patch - wondered if this one improved anything at all
c: patch game w/ unofficial 1.01 patch still available thru Croft Times @ Archive.org altho croft times d/l's have now gone from the web
d: patch game w/ unofficial 1.01 + AMD patch still listed on Croft Times @ Archive.org but not actually saved in archive :(

anyway, the problem with all these (and any other 3rd party patches) is that none of them will install on a Sold Out version of TR3


because the copy protection of the Eidos release checked for [rigged?] Table of Contents on the original CD...
Sold Out have changed the content of their CD - ie: added their own junk - i can't verify other claims of missing files as mine seems to be in order
but anyway...
these changes would be enough to set the copy protection off, so...
Sold Out have hacked it from the Tomb3.exe
not quite...
if you use any updated exe (like those mentioned above) they are often patched with improvements but still contain the old Eidos copy protection as the original Tomb3.exe
result = none of them recognise the new format of the Sold Out CD and won't then let you run the game

problem of a potential solution:
none of the No-CD cracks that i have come across can patch the Sold Out Tomb3.exe as they were for one of only either the original or officially updated exes, and possibly not even all of the language versions or AMD official exes either!


there was a trainer on GameCopyWorld that mentioned a No-CD that allowed you to move most files to the game directory, but the trainer contained no such file and didn't even work itself on this exe
anyone have a No-CD that works in this way that actually exists? - one that could be applied to either of the official patched Tomb3.exe files [the original patch or AMD one]

in desperation i d/l'ed another TR3 No-CD which was not a TR3 No-CD and i have just finished cleaning various IE Toolbar SearchBar, CWS, several other respawning processes and exes from my registry and deep within my system - THX A FECKING LOT SOLD OUT! :mad:

what i actually want to do more than trust in any of the patches is just to be able to move the files to my harddrive



1 x No-CD patch that will alllow me to transfer files to my HD, with instruction on which exe i need for it to be able to work its magic - of course, i would prefer one that worked on an updated exe rather than the original, as, if it only worked on the original exe i think you may have to supply that too, as i fear this Sold Out one has already been hacked and will not be recognised by a crack

sure, i know the game cost next-to-sod-all but it was a gift and i'd forgotten all about the it running from the CD - if i'd have got it myself i should have used eBay - if i cared that much

27-12-04, 19:25
ps. the fact that i'm running XP seemed to create no problems in itself
i just set the setup.exe on the CD* to Win98/ME Compat Mode

*some folks don't realise you can flag read only files on non-RW media to be executed in Compat Mode

think it worked fine even if i didn't; just set Compat Mode afer installation

anyway, XP causes no probs in itself - just the situation in the previous post above that i'd like sorted


27-12-04, 19:58
I have what you want! ;) A special Tomb3.exe which uses files from HD! Do you need this? Give me your e-mail......

27-12-04, 20:34
pm sent Apofiss
tia http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

27-12-04, 20:55
I zipped it and sent it! Well did you get it? :rolleyes:

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27-12-04, 22:16
d3v you will need an extra file for tomb3.exe to run it from your HDD called VFAW.AFP. I'll send as soon as possiable...

All files are sent to you d3v! Check your e-mail.

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