View Full Version : Printer spooling!

30-12-04, 13:08
Right everytime i got to print a certain document off, it always says it is spooling, which is fine, as i read somewhere on the tinternet that it holds prints back that may take some time.

But what i need to know is how on earth do i get it to print?

30-12-04, 14:35
Bloody printers are a pain when this kind of thing happens. The job might just be too big I have found sometimes. But anyway, all I can suggest for now (as clicking print should just print it), check that you have the print spooler running in Sevices.

30-12-04, 15:08
I tried printing web pages etc, and they seem fine. I dont know how to check in the Services that its spooling?

30-12-04, 15:25
You check in Services to see if the Print Spooler is running, not if it's spooling. Go to Start Menu/Run, type services.msc OK and run through the list to Print Spooler. If it's not running, right click and select Start.

30-12-04, 17:02
Word kinda crashes when i select print!

Hmm, and print spooling was set to automatic!

30-12-04, 17:04
God CPU is at 100% constantly while the printer is spooling but its seems to have crashed the word programme, i will have to End the task i think!

30-12-04, 17:10
The the file you are printing contains some corruption this can cause the printer to bugger up.

Try printing a page at a time?

30-12-04, 17:11
Still no luck!

30-12-04, 21:28
No, it is this probably: when your cpu is constanmtly at 100% in context with the printer, it is in a 'loop'. And this is because the wrong printerport is chosen. Open the Printers in Controi Panel. Select your printer. Rightclick on it and choose properties. Go to tab 'Ports'. Likely that Windows had automatically chosen a 'Dot'- port. Change it to 'LPT1 - printerport (the first on the list). Confirm with OK.
Maybe you must reboot (will not hurt anyway).
Tell me if this helps.