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Capt. Murphy
04-01-05, 13:39
I downloaded the Lost Artifact Demo from this site.

When I try to install it I go through the other stuff where it asks where you'd want the destination location, etc. Then I get this Error message:

An Error Occurred during the move data process: -113

File Group:
File: C:\Docume~1\-----.1--\Locals~1\Temp\WZSC.tmp\data.hdr

Any suggestioins? :confused:

04-01-05, 13:53
You must play the demo in Win98/ME compatibility mode. Start / All Programs / Core Design / Tomb Raider 3 Demo / rightclick on the TR3demo.exe shortcut / Properties / Compatibility tab.

Capt. Murphy
04-01-05, 15:33
I right clicked the icon and selected properties, put a checkmark next to the box and selected:
Run this program in compatability mode for:
Windows 89 / Windows Me

But still, no go Joe. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif

edit: I'll try it again later and make doubly sure no other background programs are running. Although I was sure the last time I did it no other applications were in use.

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Capt. Murphy
17-01-05, 14:48
The last time I tried it I didn't have any other programs running in the background. I got to looking at the properties and seen this.


Would this be a problem?

17-01-05, 18:31
The properties you show, are perfectly all right. I have exactly the same.
I only don't understand why installing is a problem on your pc. :confused:
You double-clicked the downloaded tr3_gold_tr_tlademo.exe to install? :(

Capt. Murphy
17-01-05, 21:43
Wait. I'll post another pick. It might help and it might not.

This isn't the whole picture. But can you make sense of it?


It's after this - when I get the error message.

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18-01-05, 00:48
Hi Capt.

I just downloaded the program and I believe it is corrupted.

I'll have a word with tlr.

18-01-05, 01:05
No need, Sim. I downloaded too, today. It installs and plays perfectly on my pc.
1). Download it to your desktop.
2). Right-click the 'tr3_gold_tr_tlademo.exe' icon, choose Properties. On the Compatibility tab choose Windows 98 / ME mode. Click OK.
3). Double-click the 'tr3_gold_tr_tlademo.exe' icon. It will install.
4). You will directly come into setup menu, choose any resolution in 16 bit or 32 bit that fits your screen.
5). Play the game.
6). Browse via Start / All Programs / Core Design to the 'Setup' option, right-click on it, choose Properties / Compatibility tab / Windows 98/ME mode.

The above is what i did, without any problem.

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18-01-05, 13:54
Hi Joseph, Thanks. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

I got it to work, but with a slightly different method.

Downloaded the file and created a shortcut from the file onto my desktop. Set win98 compatibility on the Shortcut and then used the shortcut to start the installation. When complete don't try and start the game from the installer. Just exit.

Set Win98 compatibility on the game and setup programs in the Start Menu > Programs > Core Design.

Weird. First time I have come accross an installation program that needed Win98 Compatibility.

I'll add some notes to the TR3 FAQ.