View Full Version : Help with "Fatal Error" Message on PS2

06-01-05, 16:09
Hi, I am playing Angel of Darkness on PS2, and when I try to move from Level 22 to 23 (Biodome to Sanitarium) I am getting the following error messages through my PS2;
"Fatal Error" (on a red banner going up & down the screen)
"Error - RMX version Mismatch" (on a blue banner going up and down the screen). Can anyone help?! :confused:

06-01-05, 16:46
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Quite few PS2 players have encountered this problem. Every time it has been either a Defective disk, or a corrupt saved game. For most of other users, swapping the disk for another copy got them through the problem. For the few others, either going back to an earlier save and playing back through. Or erasing their saves, using the level skip cheat to skip back to where they were.

I would start by loading a previous save and end the level without saving to another slot and loading.