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12-01-05, 20:26
These smilies are starting to annoy me. I downloaded and installed CleapUp! Selected delete Cookies and Temp Internet Files and it did. But for some reason they are still here. :rolleyes:

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12-01-05, 20:32
get a new hhd http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/silent.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif

13-01-05, 07:53
Windows has a habit of saying that the TIF folder is empty when you empty it, but in fact it isn't empty at all. A peculiarity I've noted since Windows95. You may even browse through My Computer to the folder and see it does look to be empty. But take a look through Start Menu/Windows Explorer and often you'll see all of the files still there.

The only way I have found to actually clean this folder is by using a cleanup utility that WIPES the data, rather than a simple delete. I'd suggest you try a different utility.

The free CCleaner (http://www.ccleaner.com/) may work. (I am not totally familiar with this program and am not sure if it wipes data or simply deletes.)

One I know DOES work, without fail, is East Tech Eraser. You can download a free trial HERE (http://www.east-tec.com/download/index.htm).

13-01-05, 17:24
OK thanks Net.
I'll give it a try.

13-01-05, 17:30
Wouldn't defragmenting result in the same? Because when delete (but still there), Windows knows the files are permitted to be overwritten. By defragmenting that should happen.

13-01-05, 20:16
Neteru... still there.
I deleted the files from the folder by that program and restarted my PC, and they're still there. Please anyone, help.

14-01-05, 04:05
No Joseph, what I'm talking about is something different. When I say the files are not deleted, in the scenario I'm referring to, they are not deleted at all, factually. Not marked for delete, not marked to have the space written over, and still viewable in Windows Explorer. It's a glitch that I've seen often in Windows with the TIF folder.

Anubis. What program did you use that I suggested? East Tech Eraser? And did you then browse to your TIF folder in WINDOWS EXPLORER (from the start menu, NOT through My computer)? And was the folder empty.

Um, just a thought. You are using Internet Explorer as your browser aren't you?

14-01-05, 18:05
Yep, empty.
No I'm using firefox.

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15-01-05, 06:20
:rolleyes: Well then no amount of emptying the TIF folder will make a jot of difference to Firefox. Firefox doesn't use the Internet Explorer cache, it uses it's own. Clear the Firefox cache in the preferences of that browser under Edit, Preferences, Advanced, Cache

15-01-05, 15:34
Neteru, I deleted cache from before but nothing happened. I used the, FOR IE USERS option to know where is the TIF.

btw/ when I open the TRF with IE I see them there too, even though I deleted the TIF.

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15-01-05, 16:04
I'm currently looking for it on the web... But no luck yet.

15-01-05, 16:13
??? I don't know what this option 'for IE users' is Anubis. What is it? Do you mean that you set Firefox's Cache folder to be the same folder that IE uses (TIF)? Can you just check in Preferences (Edit, Preferences, Advanced, Cache) and see what it says is the location of your cache folder (the file is a random number/letter name = xxxxxxxx.slt).

If you have indeed set this folder to be stored in your TIF folder, and you have wiped that folder with East Tech Eraser and the smilies are still showing, well then I haven't got a clue!

Maybe try re-setting the cache folder to it's default location

C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\Anubis\APPLICATION DATA\Mozilla\Profiles\default\xxxxxxxx.slt

If that fails, insert stick of dynamite in floppy drive, light fuse and run away. That should get rid of the smilies. :D

15-01-05, 16:14
Looking for what on the web Anubis?

15-01-05, 16:24
LoL Neteru!
I didn't move anything, I meant this option:

And also, I don't have Preferences in Edit, I have Options in Tools, it's the same I guess cause there is Cache and the Clear button. But the cache folder is here: C:\Documents and Settings\pic\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\6adfvlu3.default\Cac he

I'm looking for answer on the web... *sad*

15-01-05, 16:38
OK, now that confusion is done with. Let me re-establish where we are.

You use Firefox, and have clicked on clear cache in Firefox settings? And by that I mean, make sure there are no pages visible in Firefox (especially from this forum), click clear cache and then CLOSE Firefox totally, including from the taskbar. That way the cache is properly cleared.

tlr online
15-01-05, 16:50
This is web cache. Not browser cache, and is a problem caused by lazy ISPs. Right mouse click on an offending image and copy the image URL. Then place that URL into the browser URL bar and view it exclusively. Keep hitting refresh until the image updates.

NOTE: Keep refreshing the image! NOT THE THREAD OR POST. If you try to keep refreshing the post multiple times a second, you will be firewalled from the server.

15-01-05, 16:53
No success. :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

tlr online
15-01-05, 16:54
Anubis. This will work. Try again.

15-01-05, 16:57
I was refering to Neteru's post, now I'll try your way.

btw/ is being firewalled a bad thing?

tlr online
15-01-05, 17:01
Depends on whether you want to connect or not ;)

Follow my instructions above. Copy the smilie image URL and then paste that into the browser URL bar. Hit enter. You'll see a white page with just the smilie on the top left corner. Keep hitting refresh on that white page with the top-left smilie until it changes.

Then phone your ISP and call 'em **** for not clearing their web cache for almost a week!

Don't do the last part.

15-01-05, 17:04
You know web cache never even entered my head! That's really bad for an ISP, I had no idea some did it that much.

I would complain to them.

15-01-05, 17:06
LoL OK, thanks.
I've been hitting it for a while but nothing yet, I'll definitely keep hitting F5 and Ctrl+F5.

tlr online
15-01-05, 17:08
Freeserve are the absolute WORST for web cache! They take about a week to purge old data from their cache server farm. Disgraceful. IPS's do it to save on bandwidth. If you connect via Freeserve (which I DO NOT) then you'll only need to tranny data from their WAN coz you're hitting their web cache servers. The costs are then reduced for the ISP because they don't need to pull a fresh copy of the web site from the remote server it's hosted on.

I hate web cache too!

15-01-05, 17:32
Um, I tried FS once. LOL Say no more.

15-01-05, 17:35
Still nothing...
I've downloaded the Refresh Bar, now it refreshes the smilie URL every 2 seconds.

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15-01-05, 20:02
From the last post I posted till now I've been doing nothing but refreshing it. It doesn't work tlr. :(

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