View Full Version : My computer programs are messing up! HELP!

Melonie Tomb Raider
21-01-05, 07:23
I have no idea what is up with my computer! A lot of my programs aren't uploading at all. I'll click on a shotcut to a game or movie maker or anything and it just won't work. Not all of my stuff is messed up, but a lot of it is, and more and more stuff is getting like that every day. Even Microsoft Works isn't working. Can anyone please help me?!?!

21-01-05, 07:43
If you are on XP, Melonie, System Restore could be helpful.
Start / All Programs / Accessories/ System Tools (translating from dutch?)/ System Restore. Choose a restore point before the problems occurred for the first time.

Melonie Tomb Raider
22-01-05, 00:35
Well I was going to do system restore, but I just switched internet services a few days ago, and I am afraid that if I do a system restore then my new internet service won't show up there anymore. Is this true or am I being too careful?

22-01-05, 00:46
Yes that is possible. You will need y=to make sure it is a restore point after the internet switch (if you have one) or you may have to reinstall their software/connection details.

Do you have any more details of what has happened to your PC?

Melonie Tomb Raider
22-01-05, 19:38
Well, I just installed my internet a couple of days ago, which is after all of these problems have occured. All of my files are being known as "uninstalled" now, and just yesterday I noticed that my Microsoft Word was messed up. DO you think I could have a virus that is infecting all of my programs? I sure hope not. These problems first started happening when my cousin gave me a bunch of files on a disc and I installed them to my computer. Then, I noticed that when I clicked on the icon for one of the files I just intsalled, it wouldn't work and absolutely nothing would happen. I reinstalled the file and it works perfectly now. Ever since then all of my files, one by one, have been not working, I can't even log on any of the infected files. Some of these files I can't even reinstall considerring I don't have broadband anymore, so my dial-up modem would take days to download the file. The only thing I can think of is a virus, and if I got one it had to be from when I downloaded those files my cousin gave me, because the only things I ever download are from official sites and I always do a virus scan before downloading email attatchements.

22-01-05, 22:28
Melonie, go to this page, (http://www.symantec.com/homecomputing/) and select "Symantec Security Check" at the bottom. Choose "Virus Detection". It can take a while. It checks for viruses on your pc.