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22-01-05, 21:28
Yesterday when i booted up my pc it frooze before any text appeared on screen - after a few minutes an alarm sounded and still nothing was happening so i switched it off.I tried a few times with same result - after leaving it for a few minutes i tried again and it started. On start up it gave a message about the ram clock speed being reset and then started normally.
Today i had the same problem but it is obviously now started.
The only thing i had done prior to this happening is i had to get behind the pc so i had disconnected all cables - moved it back and reconnected again - i'm sure all cables were in same sockets except maybe the printer in a different usb connection.
Is this likely a hardware problem - or could it be a virus in the bios?
Any suggestions?
Thanks for any help.

22-01-05, 21:35
jjohn, i'm pretty sure it is a hardware issue. By removing the cables -and plugging them in again later, you might have moved a pci card slightly, so that it is not correctly in its slot anymore. Also, by moving the case there could occur some loosening of a internal wire, or a ram modules, or ...
Anyway. I suggest you just open the case and make certain everything is connected well.

22-01-05, 21:39
BTW: some motherboards use a list of specific alarm codes, like 3 x short beep = *this* ; 2 x long beep = *that* ; constant beep = *another thing* , etcetera. The list is printed in the booklet that came with the motherboard. Not in your case?

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22-01-05, 21:56
Thanks for the info Joseph - can't find anything about alarm signals in book. I'll recheck all internals again.

22-01-05, 22:08
And if you leave the printer off the usb for a period? Just to see if only that makes the difference? :confused:

22-01-05, 22:16
You might have something there - as i forgot to mention : AS i was unsure which port i had put the printer in ,i disconnected it when i had the problem and i have only successfully first time booted without the printer connected. I don't know how this would affect booting though.

22-01-05, 22:21
Maybe THIS (http://www.pchell.com/hardware/beepcodes.shtml) will help you.

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