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25-01-05, 14:13
Hi there people. The situations like this, the printer worked fine, i just recently bought loads of cartridges off ebay. Worked fine!

Printed some photos on photo paper, crystal clear...no problems...Till TODAY.

I have to print 40 Leaflets for my Cousin, i designed some little ones and i tested one print. It seems as if the printer has run out of colour, you can see all teh DPI lines and teh colour is so faded. But how can it of run out, its a new cartridge?
I will just try a new one now, but then that other one will dry out what a waste. I have had the Cartridge out and cleaned the bottom and the inside of the printer.

What else can i try, any suggestions.

Also it seems the printers options are in French or something, how do i change it to English i have tried to luck on there website etc, do you think i should look for an email address?


25-01-05, 14:27
Nope the woclours are still faded with a new cartridge it seems to be not mixing the colours theres more yellow now!

25-01-05, 15:35
By cleaning inside you may have damaged the printing heads and/or the cartridge.

The reason for the initial problem could be blocked printing head(s), in which case you should use the printers Control Panel applet to perform head cleaning or a flush. It could also have been damaged by the ink in the cartridge itself if it is a cheap substitute. Another option (assuming you haven't broken the printer) is to buy some printer flush and follow the instructions that come with it, to try to fully flush the printer.

Of course, the printer may have reached the end of it's life. Printers nowadays are not made to last.

As for the language. Each printer has it's own Control Panel applet/drivers/software. There may be an option to change the language there, but I couldn't tell you because I don't know Epson. Alternatively, simply reinstall the software and make sure you select English.

[EDIT] You might have to run through the printer software's cleaning process 2 or 3 times before you get anywhere.

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25-01-05, 15:57
Hmmm thanks for that reply Net, it seems after putting a new cartridge in and printing a few times it has got better, i managed to get the invitations done thats the main thing. I did look for this option on the Printer Control panel actually but obviously in french it doesnt help.

I have reinstalled once already and i get no such option, actually i think i did select English and i still get this french thing;

25-01-05, 16:05
That's not French Sparky, it looks like Dutch to me. Joseph can verify.

25-01-05, 16:07
Ha ha! Well, i ya know... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif

25-01-05, 16:09
I may have cracked it for the language thing, i didnt install a Printer Monitor thing, but i didnt think i needed it.

25-01-05, 17:33
Be aware that printer monitors (in this regard) tend to be marketing tools, where often the monitoring component of the software will want to connect to the net and (apart from reporting on your printer usage) sometimes can download adverts to show you. They are often primarily designed to sell you ink. This may or may not be the case with your printer's monitoring component.

25-01-05, 17:43
I think it is Net, this is why i hesitated to install on 2 occasions now, i didnt see the point when the printer works fine, i think your second reply is probably right in which the printer is quite simply Knackered. Fantastic!

I think i will keep browsing there website about the language problem!

25-01-05, 23:25
I hate epson prnters.... The ink jets always clog and you waste loads of ink trying to un-clog them.... grrrrrr

25-01-05, 23:27
Thats if you know how to Un-Clog them at all, i had to put a new cartridge in.

25-01-05, 23:30
Originally posted by Neteru:
That's not French Sparky, it looks like Dutch to me. Joseph can verify. That's dutch. ;)

25-01-05, 23:31
Oh, well i stand corrected. Still means absoluteeeeeeeely jack to me though mister!

26-01-05, 09:32
Originally posted by SpArKy:
Thats if you know how to Un-Clog them at all, i had to put a new cartridge in. Epson's have ink jets in carriage not in cartridge, and THAT is the prob frequently. If you have flushed them & still no result, it needs service probably.

26-01-05, 10:32
I havent flushed them yet as i carnt read teh launguage to find teh setting, so i gotta sort that problem out first.

26-01-05, 11:05
Hi Sparky,
Epson have a very helpful free E-talk facility which is live online help.

Link:- http://etalk.epson.co.uk/

Don't know if they will help if you are not using Epson cartridges though.

26-01-05, 12:22
Post me a screenshot with it's Hulpprogramma's page. Maybe I help you to flush jets...

26-01-05, 12:29
Thanks for the replies!

dmc444 - Thanks for that link, i have just sent them a message what else i could try!

EscondeR -


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26-01-05, 12:43
IMHO (according to my heuristics level http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif ), you must use the 3-d button (from upper side). You can ask if no result then http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

26-01-05, 13:13
I'd agree with that as the icon is a window wiper. I don't know if you've got it Sparky, but the English driver (version 5.2c) is HERE (http://esupport.epson-europe.com/FileDownload.aspx?lng=en-GB&ID=5830&data=1CA43EA61697E966DA785F7DDFEB671F0F1CAE412376C D7BC70AB0E021579068)

26-01-05, 13:24
Well it seems to be working fine, i just printed a picture ffrom digital blasphemy and the lines have practically gone. With excellent colour.

Now i think i am gonna try install this driver Net, to see what happens. I dont like guessing what button to click next, he he.

26-01-05, 13:39
Here i tried to reinstall again, and i still get the wrong language even though it clearly says English;

It even says all the different languages on the CD-Rom, now i have the icons in teh task bar which i hate, i lke that empty i have like one or two things running in the background. Now i have these shoddy things, but it does tell me how much ink i have left. And lets me do a Nozle check etc in english upon a right click!

26-01-05, 14:20
Did you uninstall first, before installing this driver? If you want rid of the system tray icons, check the startup folder and check Services. You should be able to prevent startup either by disabling in Services or using Startup Control Panel.

27-01-05, 18:55
Hi Net, i havent installed my printer on this new laptop yet so i will let you know when i try.