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30-01-05, 11:19
Recently my PC has been running slow, so... I removed all the data I wanted, did a full format and re-install.
Now... one of my HDD's was running extremely slow. I ran windows CHKDSK, which asked me to restart and "fixed" everything from DOS.

However... in true Microsoft style, everytime my PC turns on it proclaims "One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency" and proceeds to "fix" the same problems it did previously.

My drive is now running normally, but a few folders (presumably where the bad sectors are, as these arethe files windows claimed 'could not be restored' in its CHKDSK utility) seem to send my computer into a skitzophrenic fit and explorer crashes.

I downloaded and am currently running a utility called "SpinRite V6" which LOOKS like it is doing the job, but if I browse to a certain screen, it freezes and my PC reports no activity at all.
Further to this, the timer that says how long I have left remains at 1hr23mins continuously. But the bytes it is reading continues to change and move upward in normal style.

Any suggestions should this tool not fix my problem? Is my HDD just totally 'FUBARed' or is there something I can do to help my poor PC?
I have left the utility to run overnight

30-01-05, 12:15
It sounds to me that your hard drive has had it. I personally wouldn't trust it anymore and would rather get a new drive. They don't cost much these days. I just the other week I bought a new 80GB IDE 72,000 rpm for 35.

30-01-05, 12:31
Post copied from other tech-forum:

I agree with anyone who states that there is no recovery from a bad sector on hard drive. The drive has become phiscally damaged, and the only way of repair is RMA. The software packages people talk about redirect file data around the actual sector(s) that have become currupt. By doing so you are decreasing the hard drive size and increasing the wear on your read/write heads on the drive. All this wear and tear decreases the hard drives life cycle. I know this is not t he outcome that you would perfer to hear, but after all the experinces I have gone through with hard drives I have learned the truth hurts.

But still you can try: tech-forum about HDD bad sectors (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Q_20831222.html)

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30-01-05, 13:14
Any disk that have at least one bad sector, will have more and more bad sectors in the future. You may use it for some non-important data such as Mp3 files or DivX videos. Do not use it for any important data.

The disk will die in the future for sure, but noone can say when. It may die in the next couple of days or next couple of months, even a year. Do not install any OS and that disk. If you have more than one disk (not partitions), you may use it until it's dead. Be sure to often backup that data stored on that disk.

30-01-05, 13:37
Yes PSone, it sounds to me too that it is dying. Save all the data you can rescue as soon as possible.
I once had the same with a brandnew hdd. Scandisk reported bad sectors. During rescan, even more bad sectors were produced! The logfile became larger and larger. I brought it back to the shop next day, it was thrown in a basket, and i received a replacement. ;)

Hey Sim! I bought an extra 80 GB 7200 rpm hdd (the 3d on this pc) last week too! :D Going to add a 4th tomorrow! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Btw i paid 69,- ,

30-01-05, 14:18
Here in Serbia 80GB HDD 7200 rpm is about 60 euros ;)

31-01-05, 00:55
Here in California a 300GB HDD 7200 RPM is $159 (about 120 euros).

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31-01-05, 08:47
Originally posted by joseph:

Hey Sim! I bought an extra 80 GB 7200 rpm hdd (the 3d on this pc) last week too! :D Going to add a 4th tomorrow! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Btw i paid 69,- ,Now your just getting a little greedy.. :D What are you going to store on these drives?

31-01-05, 09:16
Walkthroughs maybe? :D

31-01-05, 09:37
Thanks guys, I am currently transferring all data off the HDD. Just in case it does die.
I will removed the HDD and buy a new one when I have the cash.

31-01-05, 12:14
Originally posted by Bokkie:
Walkthroughs maybe? :D :D

01-02-05, 12:16
:D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

01-02-05, 12:23
This thread's topic is the reason it is highly recommendable to always have more than 1 harddiskdrive in a computer. All hdd's die a natural death sooner or later, just like us, humans. You want your data saved securily, copy them onto more than 1 place (other hdd; burn on cd or dvd). ;)