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21-02-03, 14:26
Can someone please help me. All of the sudden I can't play any levels. I have unistalled and reinstalled the LE about 10 times now because I can't get any levels to work. For instance, Sand castle, I put every file in the right place: all watch files in graphic wads, wav files in audio and script in trle. Watch.tom does not appear in the wads when I select add. It does appear in a folder called program file in the wads. So I took it from there and put it in the regular wads, build all then run tr4, but select level only has the original levels that come with the LE...ya know the list that starts with playable tutorial level. I have tried CD3, lair of the rex, secrets of SA and others. Even when I find the file that has to be converted, it builds all complete, but doesn't show the title in select level. I just can't figure this out and I'm getting very angry cuz I want to play tombraider :mad: I have had this problem before where the LE works just fine and then doesn't at all. But back then I didn't know where to put the files, now I do. Now I did try an old level in flydrive and it worked. Can someone please (ELEN) help with this. I am just about BRAINDEAD!

21-02-03, 15:08
Aw Suz, poor fing, hang in there young lady. {{{Suz}}} Quick Elen, Bokkie - to the rescue!


21-02-03, 15:44
Hi SuzanneJack
When you uninstall trle you have to delete "core design\trle folder" manually with windows explorer as troublesome files will still be there when you reinstall trle.

21-02-03, 17:33
LOL GeorgeM http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

dmc444, I do that

Now wait til you hear this. I finally got got Sandcastles to work. I noticed that when being extracted they went into separate folders as I said, and when I copied and pasted in the original folders it never asked, replace existing files? But after doing this one time (same way as always) it said replace existing files and I said yes and it worked. Before when I was doing it , it just added the files and left the ones that should of been replace....so I think it did not recognize the ones that I put in, it just recognized the original ones. Nevertheless, I finally can play after five hours of frustration. Thanks for your replies :D And I'm off to play

21-02-03, 17:48
OK now it works...but the auto aim is not on so she can't kill the scorpions. How can I get this on? I went in to setup but of course it's not there. Getting really PO :mad: :mad: :mad:

21-02-03, 18:34
Hi SuzanneJack,
My are you having a bad day. I downloaded "Sandcastle" from this site http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/trle/0580.html and it came with "Flydrive" so there was no problem with the install. The game plays fine all the way through and is worth the effort getting it to work. Good Luck.

21-02-03, 18:52
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21-02-03, 20:10
WOW!!! What happened today with you Suzanne?? :D :D

Ok, your auto aim isn't enable beacuse you unistall and install again LE which means that you have a fresh new LE... Press the "P" button during gameplay to pause the game. Select <Options> and then <Control Configuration>. You can set the auto aim there...

Dmc, nice avatar...

21-02-03, 20:13
btw\ when you encounter a problem with LE, don't unistall and install it. This is not the solution. You get more desperated with this. Just drop a post here and we'll try to help you without doing all these things... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif