View Full Version : TR3 Win2K Fails to load/game when Gamma changed

09-02-05, 13:20
Joseph and Simulation helped get TR3 working on Win2K for me and everything is going well.

One minor problem I have is that when I change the Gamma value to game fails to load/save.

Is this a known problem and are there any solutions? I'll try some experimentation but on first sight it seems that if I change the Gamma level from 3 I can't save. The game closes down when I move the passport to the save page.

If I start and change the gamma in setup I can't load any of the saved games. The game just closes down.

It's not a showstopper as I can still Play/Save/Load as long as I leave the Gamma level alone.

09-02-05, 18:35
And when you use 'quicksave' (F5 key on your keyboard) and 'quickload' (F6 key) ?

Why do you want to change the gamma level. Is it too dark on your monitor? Better leave the gamma correction then, and set your monitor a tad lighter. Is that an option?

10-02-05, 13:41
Call me an idiot http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif
I never thought of adjusting the monitor.

I changed the Gamma to save on Flares. Nothing really major.

I'll try the F5/F6 tonight.