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30-09-01, 12:42
I've got TRC & the TRLE games.
Ive seen many custom levels that people are posting on the net, but no one explains how to play these levels.
Once I DL them, where do I place them?
Is it like Jedi Knight, where you just place them in a certain folder?

I've seen a lot of levels I'd like to try.

02-10-01, 00:17
Well, can you tell me if they give you files , for TR, for example, such as Karnak.wad, Sound.was, english.dat. . . . .
and so on? If you do give you those files let me know.

02-10-01, 00:37
It might depend on where you get them, this site features a Flydrive installer with all recent levels, it does all of the hard work for you. But the zip files didn't come with instructions? They should have. But basically you just place the files in their respective folders, if you need help with what folders, just tell us what type of files, as LaraCroftIV mentioned.

06-10-01, 12:06
I just checked, and the first level I got came with instructions, but I don't want to have to copy my original files out of their folders.

Is there a program that allows you to access these other levels at your choosing...
...without copying files around in order to do it?

What does this "Flydrive Installer" do? Does it copy the files around for you, or does it simply tell the program to find the files that you choose?

06-10-01, 14:00
Any level posted in the 200 sections and above include a flydrive. It does everything for you, except convert the level. You just doble-click it, and it puts everything where it's supposed to be, and even backups the copied files. Then you can uninstal it after playing the level, and get all the files back. But it's only included in level from the 200 or up. It's an awesome program that saves alot of hastle, another reason why this site is so great :D

For now, just follow the instructions on the earlier levels. I don't think you need to care about saving your original files, unless you really care about creating levels yourself. Just extract the necessary files to their locations, somewhere in the Directory. When worse comes to worse, re-install the editor :D