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Phabius Phodes
06-06-01, 19:47
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How to make door puzzles.

Here´s how to create a door that is only opened by collecting 2 or more puzzle items and putting them in the puzzle holes (not combining them).

I´m presuming you understand how triggers work.

When you look at the trigger it should have numbers 1 to 5 ON by default. A door will only open when all numbers 1 to 5 are sent to the door as ON, either by 1 trigger or anything up to 5 triggers.

So set a trigger under each puzzle hole, so when the puzzle item is inserted into the hole it sends only certain numbers to the door.

For example:

Hole 1: numbers 1-3 are ON, 4+5 are OFF.
Holes 2: numbers 1-3 are OFF, 4+5 are ON.

So when both items are put in both holes it would have sent all numbers 1-5 as ON and the door opens as planned.