View Full Version : MALE CHRACTER

Barry Matharoo
11-03-04, 10:43
I Want A Male Chracter For My Level
Kurtis Just doesn't matches
Also a female chracter will alos do the job

tlr online
11-03-04, 11:08
Do I hear a please?

11-03-04, 14:27
Hi Barry, I believe our friend MDN has created a couple of male characters, unfortunately I do not have a link. Hopefully he will see this and help you out.

11-03-04, 17:54
Here's a link to a recent topic where I posted some pics of them. Currently they arn't available for d/l, casue of the sounds are Lara's and not manly. There was someone at Eidos that changed them, but they used the sounds from the ninja and it doesn't match my character to well.