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11-01-03, 22:56
Hi again!

My first level, TR Genesis, is almost ready. I've been working on it for over two months and it's running smoothly.

One little problem I can't fix though. The last 3 CD tracks aren't triggering. I put Lara in the rooms and start up the editor and they work fine, but when I play the level from the beginning the last 3 don't trigger.

I've put anti-triggers on everything so I don't think it's that. I have 243 objects in the level, could that be too many perhaps?

I'd love to iron out this last little problem so I can see about making it available on line.


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12-01-03, 05:22
Are the sounds near the end of the levels after lara progresses some what through this happens to me also and i have found no reason for it. the only thing i can think of is that the level that you are using can only play a surtane number of sounds in the particuler wad you are using other then that i would love the answer t :( o this as well.

12-01-03, 12:35
Sorry to break it to you, but a single level can only play a cd track (from #1-#99) once, if you try to trigger for that same track number later in the level, it won't trigger.

12-01-03, 12:37
Now supposedly you can mess with the ocb in the triggers to make it possible to play the track more than once, but I've yet to have any luck with this :(

12-01-03, 12:52
I had a strange problem in my level, I could play #94 twice, but couldn't play #95 twice! I'm not sure what caused it but it wasn't a huge problem, I just used a different track the second time. But I still don't know why that is.

12-01-03, 14:03
Hi Justin, I think you might have the answers AGAIN!

I've used the two short 'fright' CD tracks twice each and they both work twice, but it's AFTER them that the rest of the CD tracks don't work. I'll change the two that are duplicated and that should sort it eh.

I'll let you know.


12-01-03, 20:07
You were right Justin, the last three CD tracks were all used before. I've changed them and the whole level now works.

I'll test the thing a few more times before making it available. I want it to be the best it can be eh.