View Full Version : Creating a flip room?

09-08-03, 03:53
I have a room filled with water. I want it so that when TWO puzzle pieces are inserted into their receptacles (in another room), the water-filled room becomes EMPTY and a ledge/pillar will have risen up. I don't need it to be visible, I just need to know how to create/activate a flipped room (or is it map?)


09-08-03, 06:49
Flipped rooms... Select the room you want to be flipped and press the F button underneath the Plan View Grid. The white background of the Editor becomes black. Now you can make the changes you want (remove the water and the water tiles, raise the block that you want). When you press the F button, there is number next to it. This is the number of the Flipped room (which you can change if you want).

Now you have to trigger the flipped room. Set a trigger for the two puzzle pieces and make them Flipmap triggers. When you make them Flipmap, you have to insert the number of the Flipped room (the one you entered next to the F button). In order to activate the flipped room when BOTH puzzles are used, press the 1&2 buttons (under the One Shot button) for the one trigger and the 3,4&5 for the other one.

If for some reason something didn't go well, you can delete the Flipped room by pressing the F button again.