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17-09-01, 16:35
I have a real big problem. I had finished the TRLR once and I play it for a second time. But I can't go any further. After the FMV in the Guardian of Semerkhet the Windows '98 are restored and I can't continue no matter what. Even with the cheats it doesn't work. I'll try now with the gamesaves but what if nothing happens again?????? Please give me a hand as soon as possible... What if the Cd-rom is problematic?

tlr online
17-09-01, 17:02
hi there ania. have you applied the official patch for The Last Revelation (which can be downloaded from (www.thelastrevelation.com (http://www.thelastrevelation.com)) ?

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18-09-01, 10:38
You mean the gamesave of desert rairoad. Yes of course I have downloaded it.But I see the number of the saves . They are 779 while I have done only 35. Can I change the numbrer?
And is there another way to continue the other game without the gamesave?