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09-02-03, 22:49
when I open tr4 and go into new games the the Abyss and other levels show up now, but the other names or not all there and when I try and play any of the levels the game closes down. can you help me....


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10-02-03, 06:03
Charli, did you try to play the Abyss and it kicked you back to the desktop??? The levels you can play are "The Abyss", "Death Pits of Wrath" and "Dark Hearts of the Wood". You can't play the other levels of the list...

11-02-03, 02:41
Hi Elen this is what is happening.
When I copied the scrip and english.dat files it asked me if I wanted to replace the other two in trle and I said yes. So when I go into tr4 this is what is in new games:
Tutorial city
City streets
city ruins
the abyss
death pit of wrath
dark hearts of the wood
and when I try and play anything it boots me back to my desktop. I don't know what all that other stuff is? can you help?.....Please

Thank you,

11-02-03, 06:12
Charli, wait a minute...

Did you download the English.DAT and Script.DAT that I posted???

Are Level Editor and the level installed in the same folder?? When I installed the LE CD, I istalled it in my C:\ Program Files folder. During the installation, the program created the <Core Design> folder and inside this folder it created the <trle> folder.

Every time I install a level, the default target folder is C:\ Profram Files\ Core Design\ trle folder not because FlyDrive installer recognize where I have installed the LE CD, but because it "guesses" this folder.

If you have installed the LE CD in another folder, you have to install the level in the same folder. Where have you installed the LE CD???? Where are you trying to install the level???

11-02-03, 19:30
I have installed the levels in:
E:/program files/core design/trle/trle

when the level files were installed it gave the files a folder in the trle file another file called trle. Does that make since?

11-02-03, 19:44
Hi Charli...

Yes, this is natural... Most of the people install the LE CD in C:\ Program Files folder. When we install LE there, the program creates the <Core Design> folder automatically. Then it creates the <trle> folder in the <Core Design> folder...

When you install a level, the default target is "C:\ Profram Files\ Core Design\ trle folder"....

The installation begins and it says "Click Next to continue with the setup" and you click <Next>. Then you see the name of the level and you click <Accept>. The it says "Please select your Tomb Raider Level Editor Folder" and exactly underneath it says "Install files to this location". Hit <Browse> and select your E:\ Program Files\ Core Design\ trle\ trle folder. Hit <Next> to install the level in the folder you have installed the LE CD... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

11-02-03, 20:03
Hi Elen, I did install the levels to the e:/program files/core design/trel, and this is where they have all ways been, but I am having all this trouble with them that we have been talking about....


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