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19-02-03, 20:28
i am trying to make an elevator using the two block platform .. i know about using the 207 obc and using the trigger triggers to make it go up .. but how do you make it so when it rises up( with lara on it) you can then push a switch that will open doors on the upper level? i have tried using one tall room that the platform rises in and also using stacked rooms.. but when i place the switch lara wont push it for some reason when standing on the platform... anyone have any ideas on this ?

20-02-03, 00:02
You need to make sure you assign the trigger for the switch in all the rooms, on the same square from the bottom room up to the top one. That way the switch should work.

Also, I don't think you can put a dummy trigger for the twoblock platform and a switch trigger on the same square because it would be overlapping two special triggers. I haven't used a twoblock platform before, but you need a dummy trigger, right? So the switch trigger probably won't work there. Sorry.

20-02-03, 07:49
Like Dan said it is impossible to put the switch in the elevator itself. You could put a switch outside, delay the triggering using a timer and rush into the elevator(just like in TR2). And about the 207 command, you can change the length of the elevator 'travel' with this. Just choose a number of clicks(let's say 12), multiply it by 16 and add 1-15 for the speed. So we want a speedy elevator, 12x16=192, +15=207. An elevator that would drop 20 clicks very slowly would need
-20x12=-240, +1=-239. Enter that in OCB. Good luck!! :D I like elevators!!

20-02-03, 19:54
me like elevators too http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif i got that formula already from joseph borrut .. of tarragona fame
anyway i was trying for a 20 clic rise at 15 speed .. so i enter 20*16 + 15 or 335 .. and i still get the same 12 clic rise .. do i have to make the room taller? it is currently at just 11 clics high or does that matter ? it is a stacked room .. ( the bottom one) anyway it didnt work for me .. :(

oops never mind .. it did work:)))
thanks for the help

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