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24-06-04, 12:37
I have come across this download.... Level Manager (http://www.trlevelmanager.it/index_eng.htm) .
And i just wanted to know if anyone else has this programme up and running, as soon as i get in i will try this, but also looking HERE (http://www.trlevelmanager.it/index_eng.htm) in the "overview about levels world", the screen shot about four down shows how you can swop levels or something, does this mean you dont have to delete each level each time to install a new one into your directory??

24-06-04, 14:53
This program is intended to make the loading of levels easy.
Follow the installation instructions carefully.
All you then need to do is open level manager, open the zip file which you have downloaded from the internet and level manager does the rest. It has many other features allowing you to archive your favourite levels (including savegames!). A very good program.

25-06-04, 06:52
oh nice one, thanks!