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12-08-04, 20:52
Yes i'm new to TRLE and i've got a level making problem. i've read the manual and suddenly it says:

In order to make a playable version, you need to place lara in your model. But first you need to remove her from the demo model...sorry, only one lara per level.

It's okay with that but then the steps how to do that:

1) Under objects in the drop down menu choose "find objects". When the menu box appears, select "lara".

Well That's also ok... But my problem is when i choose find objects, there are no objects also no lara,

can someone help me with this?,


12-08-04, 20:58
You need to load the wad.

12-08-04, 21:10
How is that .wad called??? And how do i open it?

12-08-04, 21:34
Can anyone tell me how the lara wad is called?

12-08-04, 23:05
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You first need to load the WAD file (the file that keeps all the objects of the level and their animations). To do that, go to Objects, Load objects. Then browse into your trle\ graphics\ wads folder. I guess you do the tutorial, so you need to load the tut1.WAS. All the objects will appear in the Object window on the left hand side of the Editor.

The manual says that you have to remove Lara (the object "Lara" the tutorial initially had) and place her wherever you like it in the map. The manual says <Under objects in the drop down menu choose "find objects". When the menu box appears, select "lara".> This is a "find" option, so that you won't have to search the rooms one by one in order to find the object "Lara".

Once you remove her, select Lara from the Object window (on the left) and place her in your map.

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13-08-04, 06:59
Wow Thanx!!!!!! It helped Thank you so much!!!!!