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26-10-03, 08:39
A saw a knight templar hundred times in levels, but now I want him in my wad and I can't find him.

Where he is?

Any help is appriciated.

Can he be killed in if he can, how?


26-10-03, 08:41
Can he be killed an if he can be killed, how?

How to edit my posts, if I make mistake in typing?


26-10-03, 08:51
Hi again Oxy,
You can get a WAD with the normal Knight_templar here (http://tra.gamingsource.co.uk/wads/citadel.zip) , but try here (http://trsearch.tripod.com) , I believe it has a few similar enemies. And no, the knight cannot be killed :(

26-10-03, 09:01

Thank you. I'l try second link later, sims doesn't work right know.

26-10-03, 19:29
Hi Oxy, http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

I got the Knights Templar from the Citadel level, using TR2WAD.

The Knights Templar works very well with shatter objects that can't be shattered by Lara. The Knight(s) have to destroy it.

But perhaps you knew this already. :rolleyes:

26-10-03, 20:04
:D :D

No, I didn't, I'll use your help. I appreciate all comments. I'm a begginer to make playable levels. I only know how to build and texture.


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26-10-03, 20:07
Sorry, I closed my post too fast. :)))

Where can I get that kind of shatter?


I also managed to find the button how to edit my posts.


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31-10-03, 13:27

The shatter object I used to block a passage is also included in the Citadel WAD. ;)

Do you have a WAD extracting program already?
If not you can download it from several sites. One good site is www.trsearch.tripod.com (http://www.trsearch.tripod.com) :D
You'll need TR2WAD for extracting WADs.

Another way to get this WAD is to download it.

31-10-03, 20:24
Thank you very much for your reply.


Yes, I have trwest and I also downloaded the wad.

I'll look in citadel.wad again - to get the shatter.