View Full Version : Flipmap limits?

24-10-05, 13:34
Before I even try this I wonder if there are any flipmap limits in the LE? Besides the usual limits for the 2d map, objects, triggers etc. What I plan to do is flip a lot of small rooms and a few larger. I'm talking about 15-20 rooms. Combined they should not take any more memory for the editor than 2-3 larger rooms.

Any limit for how many rooms that can be flipped?


The Skribbler
24-10-05, 13:41
Dunno, I've flipped 16 rooms all at the same time (The Imprisoned Spirits - level 2) and didn't have any problems.

What you have to watch out for is triggering baddies and how they behave in flipped rooms. Sometimes baddies won't even go into a flipped room, whether it's been flipped or not, like there is an invisible barrier there. So test and test and test.

24-10-05, 14:44
Thanks for the answer George! 16 rooms? Cool! I have flipped 10 so far and it seems to work fine. Oh and I have no baddies in these rooms. Just simple no water/water flipmap (and a few puzzles maybe hmmm hehe)

This level is quite small compared tot he others and I intend to keep it that way! 100 rooms (inluding the flipped rooms) will probably be enough...and I'm almost done with that!